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Dee Griffin

Dee Griffin
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Nearest City: 

Las Vegas


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$6.99 per minute

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

702 466 0280


I am a Very well Known and respected British Psychic and have been performing Psychic Readings for 41 Years.

I am descended from a Long Line of Irish Psychics, and inherited my gifts from My Grandmother who died one month before I was born, she helps me in my readings, and is my guide in the spirit world.

I have been Giving advice to the heartbroken and the lost and lonely for 41 years. I am Empathic, and can tune into your partner, this enables me to give the best advice to help you to re-unite with a loved one.. I have been described as a personal Angel, and I have brought peace and tranquility to those who are in emotional pain, as I give my advice with no judgment, I do not sugarcoat anything, I simply tell what I see with honesty, and compassion.

I am extremely accurate in my predictions and have helped many people to move forward in their relationships by removing blockages in the flow of their relationships. It is often the problem in relationships that communication is not happening, I can guide you in renewing the communication, hence renewing understanding and trust.

Listed since: Oct 12, 2015


I have had a couple of readings with Dee and both times the readings have been wonderful She is always thorough if I have a question or need clarity on a situation. Would definitely speak with her again!
Dee was very intuitive and insightful! She knew everything about my situation and described the people in it to a T. She was very helpful in finding ways to deal with the current situation at hand. She will tell you the truth and not sugarcoat things to tell you what you want to hear. She has your best interest at heart and will tell you the right things to help you move forward. Thank you so much and I will definitely be calling you back!!
Dee is the best every time I contact her about anything she is right on the money. She has broughten clarity to my life about many things. Thanks so much
I have never had a reading before and was very sceptical of what a physic would say. But, I am a believer now. After my reading with Dee I have a new look on my life and physics. She was dead on, on the things she had told me about my life. I am very glad I met her I will definitely be a returned customer. Plus I love her accent. Thank you Dee..
Speechless!!! I have psychic abilities myself and we cannot read for ourselves as we tend to doubt our emotions, and cannot be unbiased in what we see. This was my first time reading with this amazing woman and it will not be the last! She accurately described the person in question, mentioned another and hit that nail on the head and not only let me know exactly what to expect to happen but gave amazing advice on how to deal with it. She's so joyful and it's like talking to your best friend

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