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Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Michelle Skaletski-Boyd
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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON - Listed on My personal mission is to help you fully connect to your Higher Self for the soul purpose of inner-balance and spiritual alignment. By utilizing both left brain and right brain techniques, I help individuals become Self empowered through inner-knowingness.

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"If you’ve ever wished you could directly connect with a loved one in spirit without having to use a medium, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd can teach you how to do it. Before testing Michelle for myself, I did not believe I had the ability to do this. But I directly connected with my father during my first session and learned how to do it on my own at any time thereafter. Although I’ve had an assortment of astounding sessions with other spiritual practitioners since 1999, the experience I had with Michelle is both a first of its kind and one of the most spiritually nourishing experiences of my life." ~ Bob Olson, &

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Why work with Michelle Skaletski-Boyd?

Hypnosis for Your Soul™ is a safe, reliable, and relaxing way to access your Higher Self and connect with the spiritual realm. The soul is what anchors both your physical and celestial body. It is the portal and the pathway to your inner-truth and intuitive knowing.

Known as the Corporate Woo-Woo™, I (Michelle Skaletski-Boyd) work with individuals who are ready to fully connect and experience their Higher Self. I have been called to help open your portal by shedding light on your inner-gifts, so your own divine purpose becomes clear.

Would you like to take it to the next level?

If you've been to a practitioner who has done a 'reading' for you, you've most likely received valuable information designed to help you build trust in the here-after and reduce your skepticism. The ultimate goal then becomes learning to do this on your own, so guess work becomes knowingness... to feel the presence of your loved ones &/or fully connect to your truth.

What often happens, however, is you begin to question your Self and then get caught up in doubts and fears.

How many times have you looked for your purpose yet missed the heavenly signs? How many times have you tried to connect on your own but then distrusted your own intuition and got stuck or pulled down by fears?

I will use my "clear hearing" as well as other "clair gifts" to help validate when you're fully connecting. I receive just enough clues to assist you with your next-step without giving you your answers.

Much like a bridge, I help you transition into Self-trust so you can easily move from third-party reliance to a place of knowingness.


If you are open to going deep, can allow me to guide you (not give you your answers), and agree to do your own inner-work, each of your sessions will be like a kind mirror that reflects your loving authenticity and reveals your inner-most gifts.

You will most likely experience a higher plane energy coursing through you. These higher vibrations are of peace and love. Depending on your current frequency, you may experience an "out there" feeling after the session, so spend some time in silence. Take a nap or rest if you wish. Sing or dance if that feels right. Remain centered, drink plenty of water, continue with transformational breath work, and allow your new energies to adjust and realign.

Voyage with me, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, to rediscover your Higher Self as you transcend to a greater place of Self-awareness. Please visit my website for fees and contact info.

Listed since: Sep 17, 2012


Working with Michelle during 3 sessions gave me experiences with accessing my higher self and feeling my spiritual yes, as well as the tools to access my higher self regularly and reproduce my spiritual yes. Michelle taught me grounding exercises which I do daily and provided me with professional recordings of our sessions so I can listen to them over and over. I now have the confidence, faith, and ability to access the divine energy within myself and connect with the energies of loved ones.
I have worked with Michelle for 8 months. At the start I was doubting, totally analytical, consumed by grief, deep in litigation over my wife's death and desperate to make contact. Not good material to work with. Michelle was so patient, slowly building my skills and my confidence until eventually the connection was made with my wife. What a moment! I have a long way to go but she has given me such joy and belief in the future, not just for the after life but for right here and now. Thank you.
Michelle is the real deal! I was not only able to connect with my higher self but I was able to trust my intuition , release doubt and build confidence! Michelle is super sweet and her personalized coaching is tailor made for your highest good. At the end of each session you feel relaxed, empowered and in line with YOUR truth. She's awesome! Thanks Michelle.
I found this experience to be one of hope and a chance that a person can find out that the Afterlife does exist. Having lost many in my lifetime as soon as I am able I would like to have this experience. There are questions that I so need answers to that have had great influence on my life. The answers would be a chance to become a more centered person. I have always believed in this type of thing and you are bringing information that continues to prove it. Thank you to each and everyone.
As a highly intellectualized, educated seeker, Michelle readily adapted to my style and set to work bringing my energy down where it can help me where I need it the most. She prepares for our sessions and arrives ready to do the work that I need help with NOW. She is empathic yet firm, soothing yet energizing, and always loving. With her help, I am confident I can open up to the healing energies that will lift up my life.
In 3 sessions with Michelle, she guided me to self-awareness, self-trust & self-acceptance. My grief has been replaced by healing, hope and joy. She did convey some messages from my loved ones who have crossed over, but those were not the focus of our sessions. She helped me to connect fully and completely with my higher self and to develop my "Spiritual Yes" so that I can communicate with my husband on my own. She's a warm, encouraging spiritual mentor. Very rewarding experience. I recommend!

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