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Lauren Bortolami Robbins

Lauren Bortolami Robbins
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Mansfield, MA, Phone and Office Readings, Live and Online Medium Shows, and More


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TESTED OVER SEVEN TIMES FOR ACCURACY * ENDORSED RESEARCH MEDIUM * AUTHOR * SPIRITUAL TEACHER * MEDIA APPEARANCES - Lauren is a highly sought after psychic medium in Massachusetts and worldwide due to her brutally honest and on point readings. Lauren has earned awards, 150+ written reviews, was under agreement for a television show, and is an expert in her field of work.

Lauren has been able to see into two realms simultaneously and sense spirit when she developed double vision at the age of two and a half years old. She is able to get into any layer of spirit before we are born, on earth, and when we go to the other side. Lauren has followed her own Spiritual Path and will help you as well to redevelop what you were already born with.

With years of experience and knowledge, Lauren offers competitive prices based on her experience (despite that she pays for a professional office space also to be able to meet clients in person individually or as a group) so that you can afford a reading. She feels that if you have urgent matters or need to connect to a loved one it should be so extremely expensive to receive some sort of a message. Lauren does volunteer work for public safety for Reiki for in the line of duty injuries or free readings for families that lost a loved one in the military or public safety for in the line of duty deaths. Contact Lauren for more information.

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Lauren has a wonderful companion named John and she resides in the Mansfield, MA vicinity. Lauren owns/runs The Spiritual Path on week nights and weekends. Pre-booking is recommended in advance for in-house and phone appointments, private training, and medium parties & events. You may book online.

Listed since: Apr 12, 2010


Lauren is a special and caring person. She read for 7 people at my house April 14 and 6 on April 18. Everyone left happy with the messages that they received. We wanted to connect with our son, Josh, who passed away in January. Lauren was able to provide us with incite on his accident, his passing, and his feelings about that night. We are eternally grateful for having the opportunity to speak with him again and know that he is always around us and protecting us. Thank you Lauren for this gift.
I just saw Lauren for the first time yesterday. I was really nervous because I was so afraid I might hear things that would upset me. Instead, I found her to be so sweet and friendly. She had a very calming effect on me. As I listened to her speaking to our small group,I realized she might be able to help my autistic son who was with me. She did reiki on him and I truly believe it worked. Lauren did a reading on me that was amazing!.We will both see her again.Thank You Lauren.
I have taken Lauren's Spiritual Connection Workshop, follow up practice session and her Spiritual Practice Workshop. Her approach is very positive, professional and supportive. She created a welcoming environment with plenty of information and opportunities for practice. I have been able incorporate her teaching into my own life with positive results. It has been a pleasure learning from Lauren and I look forward to many more workshops with her.
I went to see Lauren yesterday for the loss of my boyfriend and father of my unborn child. She was socompassionate and warm my nerves immediately went away. She was able to connect with him and tell me things that we shared as well as things I needed to hear in order to heal and be okay. I can say that she has made me aware of his energy and gave me comfort. Shes amazing and genuine I would recommend her to anyone and I will continue services with her in time of need
I met with Lauren hoping I could connect with my recently deceased brother and I got so much more my Dad who passed when I was a baby came thru with my brother, both having passed in a similar way, I was so happy they were together (with my Mom) and they brought me such messages of healing. I was able to cry with them and now I hope to heal and know they are still with me. I think I was able to communicate love to my Mom to help her heal. Lauren is a true professional and a gift from God.
I recently went to lauren with my loved one over a passing we had , lauren answered my loved ones questions gave her confidence and just inspired her to keep going and not to give up ! And just when she was about to lauren saved her and she didn't give up she kept going ! I thank Lauren so much for all she has done for my loved one , there's no one like her and I would recommend her a million times over and over. I went to her a second time for me and she did wonders! I thank u thank u thank u.
I first met Lauren a little over a year ago when my friend had a "psychic" party. My mom had passed away six months earlier and I was still devastated by the loss, yet anxious to connect with my Mom. Lauren's calm, gentle nature quickly led me (and everyone else) to feel at ease. I have seen her a few more times since then and each time she has been professional, caring and insightful. I want to guve my heartfelt gratitude to Lauren for sharing her gift!
I met Lauren through my friend after i lostmy son he was. only four months old i went to Lauren in doubt off her being able to conneect. but i went there an got amazing results she helped my life change an shee had my son come thru an say mommy u didn't do this ii love u mommy i havw a gift an i know he'si with mw sighs ic pennies butterflies feathers an i always get my sighn an i will no that
My daughters and I went for a reading with Lauren this weekend and from the moment I walked into her shop I knew I was in the right place. The positive energy was tangible! Lauren made sure to explain the different types of readings before we began which was great!! My reading with her went far beyond anything I could have asked for... Without a doubt I will be going back to see her!
I've been read by Lauren twice and it was two amazing and uplifting experiences ever. She is very kind, patient, and caring to all of the people she reads and helps out.
I had some doubts about Angel Readers until I met Lauren. She amazed me with her intuitive ability. She came up with facts that I had not shared with her previous to meeting. I attended one of her medium classes recently & was completely impressed her ability to teach others their own abilities. She also did some energy healing at my first appointment that explained why my mother (who passed in 2001) has been reaching out to me. She has helped me immensely!!! Thank you Lauren (-:
I can't say enough great things about Lauren. She intertwines all of her gifts to heal the mind, body, and spirit and her love for her work shines through. During a table tipping session, she was able to bring through a dear friend who had passed as well as my deceased grandfather. In relaying their messages to me, she truly captured their personalities & helped confirm my abilities in connecting with them. She is a gifted medium, a great Reiki Teacher and Practitioner & a cherished friend.
I was extremely impressed with Lauren. She is truly a gifted medium. During the reading, Lauren and I also connected on a spiritual level. She is the consummate professional. I will be going to her many many times. She brought forth both my deceased grandmothers, my spirit guides and 22 angels. She also touched upon my personal life which was amazing. Thank you Lauren
Lauren is a compassionate, caring, amazing and gifted person. She is a genuine friend and earth angel here to help heal, provide messages and teach others how to heal physically and or emotionally either themselves or others (note: she teaches in other areas as well). We did the Deluxe Spiritual Session my life is forever changed in such a profound positive manner. Lauren taught me so much and told me things that no one could have known. I highly recommend her for any of her sessions.
Lauren is amazing. She is the real deal and on top of that, she cares and stays connected to her clients. She is an earth angel who is not in it for the fame and glory but has a genuine desire to give messages and help to teach others how to connect. I have not only had readings from her, but have taken classes with her. I highly recommend you visit her, have a reading, take a class or have a party. It is well worth it. You will have a friend for life!
Lauren is a amazing gifted person who helped me with my psychic abilities which me a 18 year old teenager who had no control over she has helped me be in control of them very accurate very loving and compasionate shes the person to see thank u lauren :-)
Lauren is a really beautiful spiritual being inside and out. She has really gone out of her way to be there for me and my mother during a difficult transitional time during my life. She is trustworthy and works for one's highest good. I always left feeling much lighter and better than when I first went in. She truly has remarkable gifts to connect with those on the other side and I am grateful to know her. :)
I had Lauren come and do a house party for me and 8 of my friends, I have to say that every person that came out of their personal reading with her was amazed, and a little teary eyed......Thank you Lauren, we had a great time and you were such a lovely lady to meet.
Lauren is a compassionate, sweet and caring person with a strong yet gentle positive energy that can be felt as soon as you come into her presence. Lauren has helped me many times with both physical and emotional issues and i have enjoyed her mediumship classes immensely. I can not say enough positive comments about her and the work that she does. It is truly a blessing.
I have known Lauren for several years through her Reiki Shoppe. She trained me for my Reiki II certification, and I attend many other classes led by her. She is a wonderful teacher and very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She has also given me many reading and they have all been dead on accurate. I highly recommend Lauren for healing, learning and/or readings. She is truly gifted!
Lauren is truly gifted. She has helped me through the passing of my father with kindness and insight. She was able to pinpoint specific occurances that no one could of or would have known about. She is the real deal!
Lauren consults on our more complicated cases for PARACUSE - Paranormal Activity Research Alliance of Syracuse. Her abilities have helped us tremendously and her accurace is always right on target. She is compassionate and honest with her reads, a true professional, something our group truly appreciates since most of us work in the Fire and EMS fields.
I met Lauren recently due to the passing of my father. She was able to bring through not only my dad, but very specific things about his personality, what he looked like, and his mannerisms. She is not only professional, but was very compassionate about how I was feeling. I was very happy and would go back to see her again.
Lauren has been right on target with everything. My readings are very detailed with information that knowone could ever know. She is wonderful and has opened my eyes to myown abilities. I thank you Lauren for everything. I would recommend Lauren to help you with your journey with the spiritual life.
Lauren is a true professional. In our meetings she has helped me connect with family ,friends ,spirit guides and is also my teacher for Reiki I & II.She has helped me learn what drives me to investigate the paranormal. I look forward to our next journey.
After providing me with 24 readings related to my deceased parents everything you indicated was 100% accurate everytime. Your kindness, compassion, and support is second to none. You are the Real Deal. Thanks for connecting with my parents. All the Best to you.
Lauren is a very gifted person. She is accurate with my reading. She brought up people and situations I never told her about before the reading. I would highly recommend her.
when I first met Lauren, we both immediately felt a connection. She was very intuitive to what I was thinking and feelings and she hellped to rid me of my headaches through reiki as well as bring me closer to the spiritual world. I have lost two important people in my life, and both times she was the first person I contacted. I asked her to send spiritual healing to them so that they may pass peacefully and painlessly, and because of Lauren, I believe that they did.


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