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Gayle Kirk

Gayle Kirk
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* Wonderful! I feel so much more at peace. Try her. You will love her as I do.



* She is AMAZING!

* Gayle Kirk is the REAL DEAL!

Additional Information: 


Your Soul, the Universe, your loved ones in Heaven, Spirit Guides, and the Angels have led you here.

For accurate, real Psychic Guidance, Messages from Heaven, or Numerology, call me. I am happy to help.

Remember, the Universe loves, guides, and supports you always.

Step out into your greatness!

Be the most you can be.

Live your best life.

YOU are a magnificent spiritual being.

During your time with Spirit and me, our intention is to help you to be empowered, feel cared for, heard, understood, and supported.

I accept most credit and debit cards.

I will securely process your full payment over the telephone at the time you call me.

SAME DAY READING AT NO ADDITIONAL COST may be available or by appointment.

SAVE MONEY! My cost per minute for a SAME DAY READING is LESS than many Instant Readings!

I do not accept PayPal, online payments, personal checks, money orders, or cash.

All payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

Please purchase a longer reading if you think you may need more time.

NOTE: Readings may not be extended, shortened, or cancelled once purchased.

NOTE: For MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN, please book a 40 or 50 Minutes Reading.

Worldwide Private Readings are via Telephone and SKYPE for 1 Person.


I am an international Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Medium, and Channel.

I am respected and known for my accuracy, detailed information, integrity, compassion, and sensitivity.

Since 1998, I have helped people all over the world.


WITHOUT YOU SAYING ANYTHING, I start the reading by providing information about you and your life that I could not have known and is not available on the Internet using my strong psychic abilities and loving guidance from Spirit Guides.

Before you ask any questions or say anything, I provide details, validations, and messages to establish trust between us.

The psychic guidance, messages from Spirit Guides, and life coaching you receive often help you to feel loved, guided, empowered, and supported.

Next, I encourage you to ask specific questions.

I don't give general readings.

I am happy to discuss most any concerns you may have about your past, present, and future.

Ask about yourself, relationships, love, career, money, health, family, children, pets, and other areas.

I tune into adults, children, pets, places, concerns, desires, or situations.

You may also ask about your own psychic mediumship experiences and suggestions for personal spiritual development.


I psychically tune into your concerns and help you find real solutions to your life issues, not just answer questions, so that you can move forward and live the life you really want.

I help you to examine some of the possible core issues or causes of your concerns and assist you with them.

I am honest, yet gentle and compassionate. I offer you guidance with love and sensitivity. I will not judge you or anyone you ask about.

As you ask specific questions, I will use my accurate psychic abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing to offer guidance, insight, transformation, and healing.

I also share what Spirit Guides are telling me, showing me, and making me feel regarding your concerns.

Spirit Guides consult and work with your Guides and your Soul in the reading.

Spirit Guides and I assist you in being empowered so you may be your most, create your best life, and move forward with joy, peace, prosperity, and ease.


General questions like, "What do you see for me?" or "What do my Guides want me to know?" or "Are there any messages for me?" usually get very general answers.

Try to be more clear about what it is you wish to know.

I look at the future potential of things based on how they look right now.

You help create your life with your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

I assist you in having a greater understanding of things, self-awareness, and by taking meaningful steps towards creating the life you want to live.

I am honest, but I will try not to tell you anything that is going to worry or upset you.

If you feel Spirit brings up something otherwise, it is only to help you or to prevent it.

Rest assured I will not tell you if or when someone is going to pass.

I am unable to answer questions after the session.

Please speak up during the reading if you have questions or need clarification.

Sometimes your family, friends, and pets in Heaven come through in the reading.

They want to send you their love, support, and let you know they are now well.

Please be flexible and willing to hear from loved ones in Heaven, if that occurs. Realize it's up to Spirit what happens in a reading.

If someone in Heaven that you had difficulties with attempts to contact you during a session, please be willing to listen to them. They may want to apologize or explain their behavior.

Reconnecting with a loved one in a reading can be a great healing for you and them.

You may choose to decline hearing from someone if you aren't ready.


Your family, friends, and pets in Heaven want to send you their love, support, and let you know they are now well.

Life continues after this life.

Their Souls are still alive. They are with those who have passed before them.

You will be together again one day. It will be a glorious reunion!

WITHOUT YOU OFFERING ANY INFORMATION, you will know it is your loved ones I am connecting with because I will gently provide specific details about your family, friends, and pets in Heaven and about you that I could not have known and is not available on the Internet.

I will usually psychically feel your loved one's presence or hear the type of relationship to you. I may share with you their personality traits, how they passed, physical ailments, describe their relationship with you, and/or share memories about their life.

Your loved one may say who they are with in Heaven. They may also provide information about you and your family that has happened since they have passed so you will know they are still with you loving and supporting you.

My desire is for you to have a positive experience - one that brings comfort, understanding, peace of mind, hope, and healing.

I have great compassion and empathy for you regarding the loss of your loved ones. I have lost several people I was very close to, including my brother who took his own life.

When you make your appointment, don't tell me any information about your loved ones in Heaven and don't tell me who you hope to hear from. That way, you will know I am really connecting with them.

Along with approximately 20 minutes or more of Messages from Heaven, I also provide Psychic Guidance and if you are interested, Numerology for the remaining time of the reading.

Please have specific questions ready about your life.

NOTE: For MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN, please book a 40 or 50 Minutes Reading.

PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS after your loved one has passed before having a Messages from Heaven Reading.

By taking time to grieve, it helps your loved ones in Heaven to have a stronger presence in the reading.

PLEASE WAIT 6 MONTHS between Messages from Heaven Readings. (You may have a reading for Psychic Guidance and Numerology more often.)

Quite often, you will connect with one or more of the people and pets in Heaven that you are hoping to hear from - if you loved each other, knew them well, if it has been at least 6 months since they have passed, and if it has been at least 6 months since your last connection with them in a reading.

No medium can promise a connection with someone in Heaven or summon a particular person or pet.

You must be open to hearing from any person or pet in Heaven.

Try to be open to connecting with more than just the person you want to hear from. Please be flexible and realize it is up to Spirit what happens.


I also offer Numerology to help you to learn about the personality, Soul life purpose, and unique gifts, talents, strengths, abilities, and challenges of you, your partner, and your children, at no extra charge.

Numerology is especially helpful in understanding yourself, your relationship with others, and for determining which type of job or career path is right for you and for young people who are just graduating.

Learn about the strengths, challenges, direction, and themes of this current year and this period of life you are in.

Please let me know if you would like Numerology when we start the reading. Allow at least 10 to 15 minutes or more for Numerology.

All I need is the birth date (not time or place) and full birth name (including middle name) of those people you wish me to do Numerology for. You may give that to me during the reading, not before.


NOTE: No speakerphones and no headphones. I need to hear your voice loud and clear.

NOTE: Please don't have others "listening in" on your reading or I will get information and messages for them as well which will confuse things and take away from your time with me.

Please be alone, in a quiet place, where you will be uninterrupted by people, children, pets, TV, traffic, and other noise. I need your full attention.

NOTE: I recommend having ready approximately 3 to 5 specific questions about several different subjects for 30 Minutes Readings or more questions for longer readings.

I can cover a lot of information fairly quickly if you have specific questions ready.

Please do not give me your questions before the reading.

The number of questions that can be asked in a reading depends on the depth of the answers and the length of the session.

The outcome of a reading is greatly influenced by your mind set and emotional state.

Please be patient, have an open mind, and a loving heart. Work with me.

Do not be withholding, testing, or interrupt me. Otherwise, you will block the flow of information and messages.

If you have had a recent disappointing experience with a psychic, medium, or channel, please wait to have a reading with me.

You may not record the session.

The reason I ask people not to record the session is because sometimes people have used recordings inappropriately from what I have seen on the Internet with other mediums. You are welcome to take notes.

Posting audio and/or video recordings of readings online, via social media, or in any other form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.



Please read the full description for the type of reading you want on under the link called SERVICES. It will help you to know how I work, what to expect, and how to prepare so you can help create a positive experience.



If I don't answer the telephone, please leave a message. I will call you right back.

I can only return calls within the USA and Canada.

I do not use email, message, or text to set appointments or to advise availability.

NOTE: If you miss your appointment or if you are more than 10 minutes late, for any reason, you will forfeit your reading without refund, no exceptions.

I look forward to speaking with you and having a positive experience.

Love & blessings,



Listed since: May 15, 2007


Wow! What a wonderful experience I had today with Gayl. I was amazed during the reading with her that she was able to help me to make a connection with my dad, who died when I was nine, who gave me loving reassurance that he is here with me. He also gave her facts that only he could have known. Gayl also gave me a psychic reading and literally answered my questions that I had written down before I asked her!!! She is wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend!
Gayle is so gifted and I really enjoyed my 50-min reading with her. She connected me with my loved ones and provided an excellent numerology reading as well which gave me direction and guidance. Thank you Gayle!
I was SO SKEPTICAL of an over the phone reading!! I took the chance and called Gayle. I am sooooo happy I did! She was immediately on point when connecting with my loved ones. I have such a sense of relief after talking with her. She absolutely knew things that validated for me, the fact that she is absolutely the real deal. I am so thankful I called. I will absolutely be calling her again.
My first reading and found it to be a very pleasant experience. Gayle was able to clearly identify 3 distinct departed love ones and I felt real love, caring and compassion for her skills and interpretation at conveying a clear message. Her spirit guide also gave me a valuable message for myself which will help guide me in my life. Thanks so much.
I had a very nice & insightful reading with Gayle. I asked for a psychic reading even though my father has passed on. Immediately she picked him up and was spot on with everything. Even though she didn't focus on his messages and kept it quick as I asked for another type of reading, I still loved that she connected with him! In the reading she called out times of my past that have made me who I am today and still shape my future. She gave me very valuable advice! Strongly recommend!
My reading with Gayle was as if I was in the wonderful company of my deceased loved ones once again. This was my first session with Gayle, but it certainly won't be my last!
I want to thank Gayle for the special reading I had the other day. With her love and humor she gave med the opportunity to "meet" my dad - and grandmothers again. It was truly special and gave me peace in my heart. It was also very comforting and helpful the support I was given through the way she could see my life situation and that gave med encouragement into the future. The reading was so natural and relaxed and it gave me the power I need for my light to keep shining
As someone who has grown up very spiritually aware, I am also acutely aware of when someone is unqualified as a psychic medium and grasping at straws. Gayle could be no further from that - she instantly connected with my passed loved one, identifying even the specific characteristics that ultimately took my mother's life. And though one might think it is easy to "pass off" a generic description of a "motherly type", Gayle was able to with true accuracy identify her unique characteristics. A++
Gayle is a kind and compassionate conduit of spirtial messages as well as general life guidance issues. She was able to instantly connect with a beloved grandmother on the other side and deliver details during the call that were spot on about a china set that had been passed on to me, it was truly amazing. Gayle was also able to connect with our much loved dog Danny and his message helped us heal as as a family. Again, Gayle was able to deliver specific details about his life and his passing.
Gayle immediately relayed information from my mother and brother on the other side. All of the messages from Spirit, guides and loved ones, were deep in meaning and VERY accurate. I woke up the next morning feeling whole again and purposeful. Gayle is the perfect messenger for our guides, Spirit and loved ones from the other side. Her warmth, caring and wise perception and interpretation of my life and loved ones truly impacted me in a profound way. I will talk to her again! Thank you Gayle!!
Gayle: thank you for a great reading experience. I have never had a phone reading before and I was amazed at your accuracy and helpfulness. You have a very soothing manner when talking to people and I am so glad to have chosen you to speak to. I truly felt your heart in every word. I hope to speak with you again in the future. You are the "real deal." I can't wait to listen to my CD of our session. Regards, Lori
I just had my 2nd reading from Gayle. Again, she blew me away in her accuracy about deceased family members and what they had to say to me. She also did numerology on my son and my husband and it was very insightful and surprisingly so accurate. She then answered specific questions that I had and really helped me understand certain life paths or decisions that I needed help clarifying and deciding on. It was beyond amazing…AGAIN. This woman is the real thing. She is amazing.
I just had a reading with Gayle and I am still astonished and shocked. She is amazing and knew and said things that hardly anyone knew. She hit the nail on the head with loved ones and helped me a lot to understand things and help me move on and not let the past keep me down. It was like a miracle. I don't know what else to say except call her. She is the real deal and you won't be disappointed. I am thankful that I called her.
I had a very great experience with Gayle. I came into the reading very anxious about certain aspects of my life. Gayle gave me very clear messages from spirit about my immediate future, and some things pertaining to my family that I hadn't mentioned. She combined this with insightful numerology that has helped me greatly in shaping my career path into one I am happy with. I am so grateful for her advice, and will definitely come back!
Gayle is amazing. I had my second reading with Gayle recently and was once again blown away by her abilities. She started the reading discussing something that she shouldn't have known about! She then went into her reading ^ gave detailed information about things happening or getting ready to happen in my life...with nothing more than a few "yes" & "ah huh" responses from me. She was so easy to talk to and was very sensitive when passing along information that was difficult to hear. She's great!
Very accurate and insight to all aspects of my questions. Confirmation of many subjects I had already evaluated correctly. Always enjoyable with her. Will call back
I recently did a "Speak with Spirit Trance Channeled Telephone Reading" plus a numerology report with Gayle. I really wasn't expecting a whole lot from the numerology session, but it was unbelievably spot on!The trance session was also great. The Spirits answered my questions kindly and thoroughly and even brought up issues with me that they felt they should address. I definitely recommend a reading with Gayle; very trustworthy and loving.
Dear Gayle, thank you for the reading which we had yesterday on Aug 2015. You were able to help me connect with my boyfriend who passed 8 months ago with the help of my family members on the other side. The messages which you received from him and relayed to me have helped me to gain great inner peace and comfort after struggling for so many months with his passing. You were also very insightful regarding the questions I had about my life situations and difficulties. I cannot thank you enough.
I had a reading with Gayle in April 2014. She had told me specific actions to do to help with my problems. At that time I didn’t feel comfortable following the advice, & so I did not follow Gayle's advice. Consequently, I spent a year emotionally suffering, reading self-help books, going to a therapist, and then finally, I picked up the typed transcript of my reading with Gayle & reread her advice, and then followed her advice, and my life is transforming for the better! Gayle is amazing!
Gayle really knew what was going on in my life. The reading was so insightful and left me with a feeling of being empowered. I am amazed at Galye's abilities and look forward to all the good things which are coming. She even saw me moving with boxes around which was so on target. Gayle hit the nail on the head with not only my situation but also what I am to do. I had a sense of what I needed and she gave me just that to affirm. Highly recommend and will definetely look to her again.
Excellent reading - great insight into situation
Really enjoyed reading- very accurate and insightful
I was amazed by the experience with Gayle. I have had some real doubts about whether the experience of connecting with a loved one or spirit guide was real. But Gayle immediately tuned into the big issue that was going on in my life and relayed information that was accurate and detailed. She also provided great insight into why I was experiencing the challenges going on in my life and helpful suggestions to assist me in working with these. And she did this in a compassionate manner.
I spoke with Gayle and she gave me accurate information that proved she was connecting with my loved ones. She knew things and spoke in a way that they would only know and speak. I got a lot of clarity and felt relief after speaking with Gayle. I believe she is honest and gifted. She told me exactly what I needed to hear at the time I needed to hear it most.
I recently had a reading with Gayle Kirk and Gayle's abilities are truly amazing. Talking with Gayle was like talking with an old friend. She connected with spirit in such a clear way and all of the messages that came through were relevant and accurate. I'm happy that I had a chance to talk with this gifted lady and that I had an opportunity to connect with my loved ones in spirit. Thank you for a wonderful and validating session Gayle.
After my session with I was filled with was what I was looking for! Gayle was able to point me the direction for healing and purpose! I have great love for her
I really enjoyed my reading. I came into the session having no idea how to approach various aspects of my life, and left with a clear mind and feeling very peaceful. One of my family members also came through which was great. I will definitely be back!
It was amazing, and on the money. We had a family reading and Gayle concentrated on my husband as he was the one with most of the questions. I was amazed how accurate and precise she was. I am certain I will arrange a time with again to look into my means of life Thank you
Incredible! I had a phone reading with Gayle today, she was right on the money with everything. Gayle touched on things about me that she could not have guessed or known, she is a truly gifted intuitive medium. She described my father who is on the other side so accurately it gave me chills. Thank you Gayle for helping me to see clearly what I need to do next. I will be speaking to you again, and I'm sure you'll see me on one of your classes.
I was so pleased to hear from loved ones during my reading with Gayle. I appreciate her method of practice and her kind spirit. I was immediately connected with my loved ones and it has helped me to know that they are doing well in their new home. She even connected to some past animals!! She mentioned a rainbow card and it meant nothing to me, but when I asked my sister she said it was sitting on her night stand in the room my deceased mother stayed in... Amazing! Thank you Gayle!


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