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Darlene Flood

My channelling includes both esoteric information & mediumship. I offer private and group readings.Clients tell me that they find my readings to be accurate and up lifting. I also teach a variety of metaphysical classes.Every Thursday this summer - 30 min. reading - $30.(by appointment ) *Empowering people since 1996
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Tonja Hamel Edgecomb

When you receive a “reading” your energy signatures are being accessed. These vibrations are presented as images, words, and feelings. Sometimes taste and smells are also received. Your spirit guides work with mine to make sure that information you need comes through. I pass on all I receive. These are messages for you. My guides and I work to interpret them for you.
(Reviews 1; Listed since: May 18, 2008) ::

Carol J Hutchins

Carol J. Hutchins Intuitive ,Medium & Angel Messenger Intuitive card reader and medium who provides individual sessions, locally in Maine and New Hampshire, across the United States,Mexico and over seas via telephone,Skype and e-mail. Knowing that you choose your destiny allows you to fulfill your dreams and move into your personal power.”
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Barbara Williams

Psychic Reading: In a psychic reading, your time will be spent on what’s happening in your life now and what trends of energy you have coming up for you. It is not just to predict the future, but with the help of my Guides, tap into your life’s energy and help you understand some of the lessons, issues, and challenges you are dealing with. Mediumship Reading: In this experience, Barbara solely focuses her energy and your time on maki
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Kristi Borst

Kristi Borst's Healing Resonance ~ Intuitive Energy Healing for Physical Pain, Emotional Trauma/Depression, Karmic Debts and Ancestral Burdens. If you are ready to release that which no longer serves you, Kristi can help. She offers intuitive energy healing through a deep connection to Source-based LOVE (God, Spirit, The Universe, The All That Is, Buddha, Lord, Jesus ... whatever you call that great Creator from which all life originates) ... fro
(Nearest City: Portland, Maine; Portsmouth, NH; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 26, 2014) :: READ MORE...
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