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Sid Patrick

Sid Patrick
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$60 to $120 per session

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Sid is a psychic medium that resides in a suburb of New Orleans. Sid is also the owner of the Metaphysical Resource Center in Metairie and has a YouTube channel called Metaphysical Moments which he hosts. He has co-authored the book "Seance Experiments" with Kalila Smith. He offers tarot readings, intuitive readings, mediumship readings, numerology readings and a combo session that has a taste of all the previous styles. Sid is an international traveler and has studied in many places around the globe. Sid's most popular venue is a Spirit Gallery for a group of people. These galleries can be held at your home, his Center or via Skype in some situations. If you are looking for a real down to earth session Sid is your choice.

Additional Information: 

Tarot Readings: These readings are for people who are looking discuss their past, present and future life. You will be taken on a journey and we will look at the many paths that you have and will cross. We will discuss many life situations and assistance to provide the desired outcomes will be discussed.

Intuitive Readings: These readings are done without cards and a discussion between you and Sid about your life will take place. Sid will connect intuitively and Spiritually to look at areas that need to be discussed. Guidance will be given so that the highest and best intentions can come forth.

Mediumship Readings: Sid will connect with a loved one in Spirit. Please note that there are no guarantees that a specific loved one will be present. Sid will read which Spirit comes. If there is a specific loved one that you want, after the first validations Sid will attempt to connect to a specific loved one.

Numerology: Sid will use Pythagorean Numerology to create a chart. He will also create a binder and/or email the pages of numbers that will contain the meanings of all the stationary numbers (numbers that don't change in your chart). After you receive your chart he will then go over all the number patterns and their meanings and give insight to where you have been in life and where you are heading over the next 5 years.

Combo Reading: As Sid calls it, it is his "Lagniappe" Reading. During a tarot reading, Sid will tell you who he is connecting with Spiritually and will discuss your Life path number with you. This is a very popular reading.

Spirit Gallery: A 2 hour event where Sid will connect with loved ones in Spirit for a group of 6 or more people. These are great for parties or events. This is the most requested event. A Gallery has a minimum 6 max 25. All will get some type of reading during the event. Those who do not get a loved one in Spirit will receive a psychic reading of some sort. The cost is per person and depends on many factors. Please contact Sid for pricing.

Disclaimer: Please note that readings and meetings with Sid Patrick are for your enjoyment and entertainment purpose only. If you are looking for advice please seek someone in direct contact with your issue. There are no certainties with a reading and many perceptions are made by the recipients. Be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast or provide definite information.

Listed since: Feb 16, 2016


I was looking for someone to help me develop my own mediumship skills, so I scheduled a reading with Sid. He connected with a recently deceased family member, and easily spent the hour giving many accurate details. I've had several readings with other mediums, so I know the difference between a good reading and a not so good reading. He's the real deal, and I'm now studying with him.
Had a great reading in Houma with Sid and looking forward to more in the future.
I have known and worked with Sid for over 6 years now and find him to be one of the most genuine and truthful Readers I have ever encountered ... He is a true Spiritual seeker and teacher ... Plus he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet ... Ever wondered where do "Psychics" go when they want a Reading, well Sid is at the top of my list ...

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