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Brittany Verrette

Brittany Verrette
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Nearest City: 

Kansas City


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$70 for 30 minutes/ $135 for 60 minutes

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Brittany is a genuine, loving, accurate, truthful, and compassionate psychic medium who believes that her gifts can provide others with the ability to heal, grow, make important revelations, and live their best lives.

Brittany is a gifted psychic medium in possession of all of the seven psychic senses, with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empath abilities being the strongest. She works with a question-based process to provide her clients with clarity, guidance, and direction that is channeled through her.

She is very effective in communicating with angels, spirit guides, late loved ones, pets, and children.

Additional Information: 

Professional experience for 8+ years
Reiki Master/Teacher
Akashic Records Reader
Past Life Regressionist

Available for healing parties, group readings, private classes, private past life regressions, and more.

Listed since: Oct 2, 2014


I can not say enough nice things about Brittany. Not only is she kind and nice, she is accurate. She is the "real deal" and I can't recommend her enough.
I had my first ever reading a few weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect and was very pleased with what Brittany told me. She immediately put me at ease, she was very easy to talk to. I had questions about my Dad who passed away in 2001, when the reading ended I called my little sister to talk with her about what I was told, we both were laughing and crying by the end of our conversation. I cannot wait until my next reading!!
Brittany is very clear and helpful in her readings. She told me some unique things about what makes the ideal living environment for me which helped me focused on areas to live. She was able to tune into my guides to give precise feedback on what my life purpose was. She also gave me powerful messages from my guides on what I needed to know. She also confirmed that she had made contact with my brother, quoting exactly what he would have said in response word for word to my message
I've had two amazing readings with Brittany. I was going through a tough time and her words helped me tremendously. I no longer felt confused and hopeless when we were done talking, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I have referred numerous family and friends to her and they also enjoyed their readings. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance or just answers about what they are going through in life! She is wonderful, and so easy to talk to!
My reading with Brittany was unbelievable. She is so easy to talk to and brings you so much comfort with her gift. She was able to bring me closure after connecting with both of my grandparents that I had lost within months of each other this past year. I'm so thankful that I connected with Brittany! She brought me (and my family) peace through her amazing gift. If you are considering contacting her, DO IT! You will love her honesty, openness, and personality! Thank you, Brittany!
I have been working with Brittany for several years upon the recommendation of a close friend. I always enjoy the sessions with Brittany and am absolutely blown away by the accuracy of the information. I take notes from all of our readings and it's fun to go back and see exactly how many things came to be. If you are seeking guidance or validation for your life path, I would highly recommend scheduling a reading with Brittany. She's absolutely amazing!
Brittany was wonderful. I had a reading with my best friend that has just recently had an unexpected loss of her long term boyfriend. She was searching for answers or some sort of closure. Brittany was able to connect with him and had some very healing messages for her. She referenced many things that no one would have ever known. She spoke of a lake with trees in the distance. After our reading my friend showed me a photo of the exact image that Brittany was describing. Thankyou Brittany!
I had a 30 minute reading with Brittany and I got so much information in that 30 minutes, it was definitely time and money well spent! What I liked was that she asked what areas I wanted to look at, but didn't ask a lot of probing questions. She just looked at the areas of my life that I wanted to look into and started giving me insights. If I asked a question and she didn't have a good answer then she didn't try to act like she did. Her reading helped me heal some emotions.
I have never spoken with a medium before but always wanted to. I had my first reading with Brittany over the phone and she definitely floored me on how much she knew. I lost my grandfather in 2004, I was able to get answers from him through Brittany and it was a life changing experience for me. She made me feel so comfortable talking to her. She is a very caring and gifted women and what she does is genuine. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do for people. Thank You Brittany!
I absolutely love Brittany. I've spoken with her several times during difficult periods of my life and she has always been very accurate about the situation, listens well, gives excellent advice on what to do or not do, and is very comforting. When there is good news to share with me she is always happy for me and when the news she has to deliver is not so good, she is always compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend her services to others as she is very helpful and kind.
Brittany is amazing! Even though our in-person readings turned to phone readings after both of us relocated to different states, I get the same great advice and insight over the phone as I did in person. Thanks Brittany! ❤️
Brittany had been my friend for a while before I got a reading. For my first reading, I wasn't necessarily a believer nor was I a skeptic. But man am I a believer now. I was so scared for my first reading but she made me feel so comfortable and took away all my fears. As far as the actual reading, she was eerily accurate. Brittany gave me incredible hope for the future even in my most anxious times and I am so glad I overcame my fears and saw her for a reading
I went into my reading very open minded. Brittany made me feel SO comfortable. I was amazed at how dead on she was about EVERYTHING. Thanks to Brittany, she helped me connect with my grandma that passed 5 years ago. The way she decribed her was so dead on.! She is DEFINITELY the real thing.! Brittany also confirmed that i had psychic abilities myself.. She is the one i want to learn and grasp more of my ability from. I just cant thank her enough.! I will DEFINITELY be back for more readings.!!!
Brittany is by far the most authentic, empathetic, down-to-earth & incredibly accurate energy healer/medium you will ever have a reading with. From the very first phone call she put me at ease and I felt as if I was catching up with a long lost friend over coffee. I have only had a few readings with her but after my sessions I feel uplifted, enlightened and ready to take on any challenges with an open mind and heart! I truly adore Brittany and she really is blessed with a gift!
Brittney is willing to work with your schedule She is accurate and easy to talk with.
Brittany was so helpful. I got stuck in a bad relationship and with her help I was able to break away from it. I can't wait to call her again.
Brittany was referred to me by one of my girlfriends. I was nervous for the phone reading since I've had a lot of miss and hits with others but as soon as she started talking she made me at ease. She is very profressional and quick to pick up on the answers that need to be delivered. So far she's one of the most accurate readers I've had.
I met Brittany about a year ago at a metaphysical fair in Colorado Springs. She is so warm, compassionate and caring for her clients. She gave me accurate information and amazed me with how many things that she told me came to pass. I am so grateful I met her and always go to her when I need clarity in my life in things I would otherwise not know the answer to. She is the real thing and I recommend her to all my open minded friends and family.
I have been speaking to this advisor for ages and when I mean she is so spot on she so is! She is amazing and talented! Blessed to have found you Brittany. Always accurate and caring
Brittany you were amazing! You obviously moved me with your first statement. This communication for me was so needed and comforting; so much so, I truly feel closure. I thank you so much and look forward to seeing you again!
I am truly amazed by Brittany's sensitivity, honesty, and accuracy. She is both empathetic and unapologetic in her message, and always leaves me feeling at peace with a renewed sense of faith. Last year, she gave me career advice that seemed so outlandish at the time, but looking back was so incredibly accurate and helped me so much. Her insight into my relationship shocked me with its accuracy, and has given me a sense of faith and hope that I am on the right path even during the hard times.
I contacted Brittany after a referral from a friend. I was AMAZED. Brittany saw two numbers in connection with a question...and I was flabbergasted that she was completely right!! Brittany also described two people in my life with uncanny accuracy. This was a phone reading and simply astonishing. Brittany is a warm and lovely woman, but most importantly truly gifted. I am looking forward to speaking with her again and have recommended her to friends.
Getting a pyschic reading is always an interesting experience. Sometimes we want to be told what we want to hear, but instead are almost always told what we *need* to hear. Brittany imparts these messages from those in the realm beyond in a loving, gentle and non-apologetic way. I find readings with Brittany impart a broader vision as well as a sense of peace in knowing that my situation is understood. I feel supported and guided through the guidance I receive and am grateful for this.
Brittany is amazing. I just had the most important and influential reading of my life. We all have the power to choose the story we write for ourselves, and she reminded me of that. I'm so glad that I know her.
First met Brittany at a Meeting up Gallery reading @ the Gull Moon bookstore. She was spot on connecting to my deceased father & my grandson. I have since had another reading with her & have recommended her to my friends - will definitely use her gifted services again.
I came to Brittany on the recommendation of a friend who attended some training with her. "She has a talent," I was told. "She was the star of the class." I was not disappointed. What pleases me most about the readings I've had with her is her ability to mirror my own personality and approach to spirituality; the experience is casual and validating, like chatting with a friend (who just happens to have some inside connections). Now, I recommend her to my own friends.
She was kind and accurate. My reading did not feel rushed or with "canned" answers. She tuned in to things I had forgotten that no one could know. I would highly recommend.
Brittany is great! I was absolutely blown away with the amount of detail she was able to pick up and she was certainly accurate. I spoke with her about a man I was interested in dating and she knew him... inside and out. Things she could never have known. You won't be disappointed!


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