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Melody Page

Melody Page
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My name is Melody. I was born in a small town called Bangor in Maine. I was raised on a farm and always kept very close to nature. Being connected with nature is one of the things that opens us up to the dimensions other than the ones we live in. Learning to breathe with the wind and be one with the earth resonates with me still today.

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Listed since: Dec 22, 2009


About a year ago, my son was encountering a lot of obstacles in pursuit of his dream of playing Division I sports in college. I asked Melody if the DI athletic scholarship that he was pursuing was a pipe dream or something that he should continue to pursue. Her reading was that it was real, to believe it. He did, and he has just accepted that full scholarship to play college sports. Her guidance in that difficult time was invaluable.
I don't usually have readings done- maybe one or 2 in my lifetime- this came up unexpectedly- but Melody's relaxing and peaceful energy made me feel so comfortable. many things she said were very true, others hit home and some things I hadnt even reallythought about came up as things I should address. It was quite revealing, reassuring and has put my mind at peace!! :)) THANKS MELODY!!
I spoke today with Melody and would definitely recommend her for anyone that wants to know the direction that their life is headed. She was right on target and had me in tears before the session ended, something i did not anticipate. I am sure I will be speaking to her again and recommend her whole heartedly. Thank you Melody.
Although I’ve known Melody for a decade & she has blown my mind time & time again with things she simply should have not known, it wasn't until the recent passing of my youngest brother that I realized exactly how truly remarkable her gift really is! The night of my brother's passing, he came to Melody & gave her a message to pass on to me which was not only private & accurate but there is no way she would known any of it. The comfort this message brought us was something we will never forget!

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