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Janet Moore Hargis

Janet Moore Hargis
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30 min. $100, 60 min $200 and Email readings are Back!

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Janet is a gifted Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Tarot reader and Spiritual teacher with 25 years’ experience. Janet feels blessed to be back doing what she loves most…..communicating with Spirit and sharing Spirits loving messages with her clients from around the world. Janet speaks from her heart and is guided by Spirit. She brings honesty, Love and compassion to her readings. Janet works with the Tarot and Spirit (her Spirit Guides and yours) to deliver concise accurate guidance from above. Janet’s’ path is to relay the loving messages from Spirit and she does this with compassion. She feels honored to be on this path of truth with Spirit in what may sometimes feel like a complicated world.

Listed since: Sep 30, 2012


Janet is by far the best psychic I've ever met. I've been having readings with her for 10 years and they are always extremely accurate with lots of details. Most of all they contain profound truths and insights from Spirit regarding the past, present, and future. She's amazingly clairvoyant and is able to see someone's true feelings, thoughts, and intentions. Having a reading with Janet is like getting a therapy for the soul.
My family and I have had readings with Janet off and on over the last 10 years, and the best thing I can say about her except for her kindness, is we have not found her to be mistaken, concerning any information she shared with us! We highly recommend a reading with Janet!!
Janet is AMAZING. She is warm and kind, and very, very connected. I LOVED my reading with her- but her email readings BLOW ME AWAY. Her guides will not steer you wrong. They will give you the answers quickly, lovingly and clearly. You will hear your best guidance and course of action. She gets back pretty quickly also. Love her!!!
Janet and her guide are like superheroes. They're accurate, very hopeful, positive, empowering, and deliver truth. Life changing, and just really powerful. She goes deep into channel and is capable of delivering information about life purpose, direction, and just loving guidance from your own guides. Gotta love her and her guide.
I have had many readings.... Janet's are so accurate and dead on that it is amazing.. She has helped me through a lot of rough periods in life. Names, Dates, Times just totally amazing!!!!!! Thanks for all you do.....
Janet was excellent. I felt she grasped the situation well and was very kind in her delivery. Thank you!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JANET. I had my first reading with Janet in 2006 & have been seeking her help whenever I need clarity ever since. Janet is extremely accurate! What sets Janet apart from others is her DELIVERY style & INTEGRITY. Even if the messages may not necessarily what you want to hear, Janet always delivers them with honesty and in a calm, gentle, loving, kind, & soothing manner. Janet is like your kind & loving non-judgmental sister. Janet is the real deal. Her accuracy is amazing!!!
I have had several e-mail readings by Janet that were all really good, however I just had one that was so wonderful that I needed to send a review and personally thank her. She gave me information that could only have come from my deceased husband. It made me Very Very Very HAPPY. Thank you Janet
Dear Janet, I can't begin to express how much your reading has meant to me. You saw so clearly what was going on in all areas in my life that it felt like I was having a call with a dear close friend. Your compassion and understanding during the reading made me feel so much at ease and most importantly you gave me hope for the future. Thank you!
I spoke with Janet today, she advised me on career, relationship, and finances, offering positive insight for each area. I felt that she understood my situations, offered valid confirmation with her advice, and I can't wait for it all to happen. I'll definitely call her again.
The first time I had a reading with Janet was all the way back in early 2008...boy was she spot-on. She told me I'd meet a man at the end of the year and even gave me his name. Well, I met a man in December 08 and his name was VERY close to the name she gave me. We were together for 3 years. I have had a few email readings from her since and she has picked up on a lot...really tuned in to the situation, which is tough when you're over email.
Dear Janet, I had my first e-mail reading with you yesterday and wasn't sure what to expect, as I have only had face to face or phone readings in the past. Without any information other than names and DOB, you pegged my situation so accurately, it just confirmed what my gut and intuition was already telling me. Having an e-mail reading brought tears to my eyes as when you can sit down and really focus on the words, it was much more emotional and I can re-read over and over again. Thank you!!

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