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Cecilia Corne'

Cecilia Corne'
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Scheduled Reading Fee: 
25.00/15 min.- 80.00/1 hr. usd
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(850) 483-0515

Hi ! I am a 4th. Gen. Internationally known Psychic Sensitive & Channel, orig. from New Orleans. I offer Heart based Spiritual Consultations, specializing in all matters of the heart and the blockages, that help keep us stuck. First isolating the concern(s), which not only lead to self-empowerment, but a far deeper awareness of why they exist in the 1st. place. I strongly focus on Life Path guidance and may first do a "soul print" beforehand, as directed by Spirit. For deeper insight allows us to isolate those often," self imposed " limitations, that we may not know exist and perhaps unwittingly placed there ourselves.

With awareness comes the ability, to move beyond those limitations, to then heal the current ones, so as to attract the healthier ones. I work with your own unique energy through Spirit- channeling those around you, to assist in bringing forth needed clarity. Often we can find our self at a crossed roads in life, stuck and without a clue, as to which way to go. As your reader it is my job, to shed enough light upon your path, so that you are then, far better able to see the problem(s) as they are, but to also move forward with enough clarity to make those important decisions for your life !

I invite you- to find out more about me and my journey, which begin at the age of eleven as the apprentice/helper alongside my beloved " mentor and grandmother !, or call (850) 483-0515, or email me at: Beaucoup Blessings to All, C.C.

Additional Information: 

My main focus with any reading is to make certain that, there is full understanding on whatever is being brought forward. I am a huge stickler of clarity. I begin each reading by asking for clarity, under Divine Guidance of the White Light of the Holy Spirit and will always end a reading by asking, if that was accomplished ? I do readings by phone, in person, or e-mail & reg. mail. As a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master, believing that as energy, we are all connected, my basic core belief is : " That whatever we do to another- We likewise do to our self, " I truly try to remain aware of that. I am always happy to answer any questions on any process. I offer references upon your request. " You Remember Who You Are, and What You Are, by First Remembering You, as the Eternal Essence That Dwells Within ! "
Love, Light n Laughter, Psychic Moon

Listed since: Feb 25, 2010


I have to say i was absolutely impressed with Cecilia not knowing what was going on with me, she helped to show me the light. I thank you so much for that with all my heart. Bless you

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