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Christine Corda

Christine Corda
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See Website.
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860-245-9833..or...203-649-5165. ☺

My name is Christine Corda I am located in Waterbury Ct.
I have been a psychic all my life.
I grew up in a haunted house and learned how to deal with different spirits using my gifts.
I grew to understand why some people who have passed were unable to find peace.
I have always been able to pick up feelings both past present and future about people in my family then later about others.
When I was in my mid 20s people began asking me for help.
I do have a gift of picking up health issues, relationship issues.
Many of my clients have successful businesses and I read very well for business issues.
I can read pictures and do pick up information from objects.
I offer home blessings and will work with people to cleanse their homes.
I am happy to work with police or detectives in the area of cold cases but prefer not to work directly with the family members.
I am also a Reiki Master.
I offer Reiki/Energy work by donation and will do sessions for you each night for one full week.
I also now teach classes.
I do group events and speaking engagements covering topics like~
Different energies,hauntings,energy work,meditation,personal empowerment and more...
I also speak to groups about my own experiences with hauntings and different spirits in the unseen realm.
I encourage you to read my reviews watch my YouTube video on my page here and listen to my radio show~ "Kiss Me I'm Psychic The Psychic View" on Blog Talk radio Fridays and Sundays at 6 pm...and when otherwise noted.

This will give you a better idea of what I am like as a Psychic and how I work.
Many blessings to you and thank you! ☺

Additional Information:

I am available for General Psychic phone readings, email readings or in person.
In Person is $115.00
Phone is $65.00
Emails are $55.00

Medium readings are only done in person and are not combined with a general psychic reading.
Medium readings are $200.00 for 75 minutes.
Reiki by donation.
Clearings and cleansings are done as needed.
Please call 203-245-9833 to reserve a spot for a reading, or visit once on the website you can pay securely with
PayPal for any service.

Listed since: Jul 27, 2008


Christine is amazing and truly has gifts to share. I found her on Best Psychic Directory, and it was easy to choose her from the list. During our hour-long phone session, I was blown away by the information she gave me. Christine told me not to share any information with her because she did not want to be influenced by it. I sought her out during a time of transition in my life, and she really helped me. Christine is the real deal and absolutely wonderful to speak with.
I recently had my first reading with Christine and was impressed with her accuracy and straight forward approach. She gives in depth answers without wasting a lot of space on the page being overly wordy or full of cryptic or sugar coated messages. Christine is very professional as well. I look forward to future readings with this amazing lady!
I recently received a reading from Christine & she was spot on about everything I didn't feel rushed at all. She had a very beautiful spirit about her.she has defiantly enlightened a lot of my burdens. I will defiantly get another reading in the future & recommend her.
I can't tell you how many days it took me to find a pyschic that cares and is probably 100% honest and real and devoted. She was very sincere and she told me if anything that I could call her right back or email her and she didn't charge me a dime. I very much appreciated her help it made me feel comfort, I feel more at ease. Without knowing her I can trust her.I will definitely keep her within my contacts and be calling her again if I ever need help/insight. She's wonderful. Thank you so much.
I had a reading with Christine today. I could not believe how accurate she was. Also I found her to be a very caring person. I would definitely recommend her. I intend to contact her in the future. Mary Soccorsi
I am so blessed to have had contact with you Christine. You really care about people and I love that you check up on people after a reading. I love that you took your time getting back to me. You wanted to make sure you got the correct info. I have been told before that I'm hard to read. Not sure what that means. But thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I will contact you again.
I had my first phone reading with Christine this week. It was my first ever phone reading so you can imagine I had my doubts. We spoke for an hour and not only did I feel a genuine connection to her but she also provided me with insight and guidance on my career path and relationship. She was very specific about the details of my current relationship and future career. I'm so pleased with my reading that I'll surely stay in touch with Christine.
I had my first reading with Christine and she was Awesome. She was accurate, and made sure I didn't tell her anything to prompt her. I've had other readings in the past and I would have to say she is one of the Best!
This is my first reading with Chris.She is sweet kind soul but REAL don't expect her to sugar coat anything & I love that about her. She knows her stuff . She worth the call you be HAPPY !
I had my first reading with Christine today. I sent a few photos of people who I was going to inquire about. I did not send one of myself. The reading began with Cristines providing me with insanely accurate information. About my youngest sons past, present & future possibilities..I quitely ,listened as she moved forward.I have readings.with famous psychics.Christines is absolutely the same caliber as them.Except Christine is generous with her gift, & genuine. What a find!!!
Christine is a truly awesome gifted psychic, she goes beyond to help you with your situation and her accuracy is truly awesome. Thank you so much Christine
I had a reading done by Christine last year. It was incredibly accurate and a very good experience. I got one from her for this year earlier this week. She really did see right into my situation and she helped me a lot with understanding what was going on currently and to understand a lot of things that have been happening in my life that I was completely lost on.
She is amazing ! Told me things that only somebody will true physic powers would know. I'm blown away! Will be keeping in touch frequently thank you
I had a great reading with Christine. She is very tuned in to spirit, accurate, helpful and comforting. I felt an uplifting, healing presence while we were talking, and the feeling has stayed with me. Calling her is like giving a gift to yourself. I will defintely call her again.
If you have for any reason come across Christine, please do not hesitate to contact her. I have found her to be quite accurate, professional, and caring. She has certainly helped guide me in the right direction. I will certainly keep in touch with her and recommend her to everyone!
Christine is a beautiful soul. Most psychics charge a hefty price for readings, but Christine charged almost nothing and she read for me for 45 minutes. She read the other person of interest to a "T" and myself as well. I'm looking forward to a follow up reading in the future. She also does follow up emails, which is almost unheard of in today's world. Thank you so much Christine!
I have had several sessions with Christine.I can't begin to tell you how great she is. I have had reading from a few people and No one has come close to her accuracy! . Christine has brought me great comfort at a very bad time in my life.She was very specific with details tgat she could have never know..I will not use anyone other than Chris.She is the real deal to say the least.As well as being very gifted she is so very personable and caring..I put her right up there within. Sylvia Brown .
This is my first reading that I have had since my son passed away in July, Christine is excellent she confirmed so much about my son and put my heart and soul at peace with what he shared through her.Very emotional reading for myself and my daughter.Questions that we needed the answers to and she provided those answers for us.I have been to a few mediums in the past and have had some great readings but this by far was one of the best that I have had.The first thing she said was his name
Christie has read for me a few times , I have to say that every time she does I'm shocked at her accuracy, sometimes I don't even know what I want to hear and she manages to tell me just what I need to hear at that moment ,Christine usually emails my readings as I think its much easier for both of us , She writes beautifully and has a genuine caring that comes through in her writing , I Cannot wait until I get another reading from her
Christine did a reading for me and all I can say is wow...she nailed so many things about my life! Going into the reading, I made it a point of not telling her anything about me, yet every line of her email reading was dead on. She picked up on issues that needed addressing, as well as some good predictions that came to pass...and I'm in California, so far away from her! I would highly recommend her...she is the "real deal"! Thank you, Christine for your wonderfully accurate reading!
I recently got a reading from Christine and she was extremely accurate and very helpful. She answered all of my questions in detail and went above and beyond just answering my questions; she refered me to books for my situation and even said some private prayers on her own time and sent me emails with information she felt would help me. Just seemed very caring :). I definitely recommend her to anyone!!
I asked about my friend regarding a personal issue and Christine was totally accurate,she also told me after looking at a picture of my freind to have her get checked at the Dr she was fine for all anyone knew but she went and found out something was wrong, I have been to psychics a few times enough to know Christine is very very good and I would never go to anyone else after this ! Thank you Christine so much ! Don't hesitate to call this wonderful lady !!
Incredible!!! My father passed away and without even knowing this she told me about him and what message he had to give...she later gave me a written message from guides that was wonderful beyond words. She gave details about my job a co-worker and things that she had no way of knowing. very caring indeed! I really cannot thank Chris enough.
Christine was awesome. Some wonderful with me. It's a terrible time and instead of just dismissing me she got right back to me. I can't say how much this meant to me, words can not explain it. Thank you, again, for being so very, very caring!
I've had a couple of readings from Christine and she has always been very accurate and to the point, she's a great psychic, a wonderful and caring person. Do not hesitate to ask her for a reading you'll be glad you did!!

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