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- Every psychic & medium screened & approved by private eye.

"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson


Rhonda Pavlovich

Rhonda Pavlovich is a gifted Spiritual Medium, Renowned Psychic, Reiki Master and Master Crystal Healer, the youngest in a long line of spiritual readers/healers from her Russian/Celtic roots. Truly in touch, Rhonda connects with your Angels, and Guides through her unique ability to access messages through all of her "psychic senses" or "Clairs"...experience a reader who works with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Clai
(Nearest City: Hamilton, Ontario; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 1, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Rose Ann Kulyk

"Rose has been assisting others with her gifts for over 20 years. She is a powerful, professional, gifted, psychic / medium, healer and spiritual coach. Rose specializes in working with men and women who are stuck and assists them in gaining clarity and moving forward; bringing their lives into the direction that truly brings THEM joy and happiness! She works very close with your guides and angels, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and your past
(Nearest City: Hamilton; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 7, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Tawnya Zeytinoglu

I am fueled by my desire to inspire others to awaken to their true potential. Utilizing my natural intuitive abilities combined with my commitment to wellness, I assist others on their own journey of self discovery. True and lasting change – both for the individual and for our planet – comes from making conscious and empowered choices to change patterns of thought and behavior that are not aligned with our True Self. Our thoughts and our beli
(Nearest City: Chatham; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 3, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Bonita Summers

As a psychic life and business coach, I make a direct energetic connection with your subconscious mind, helping you to see the limiting beliefs, fears, and subconscious patterns preventing you from creating the life you want. More than a psychic reading, my sessions include practical tools for you to work with the information I give you from tapping your subconscious wisdom. Many clients say that a session with me is equivalent to months o
(Nearest City: Kelowna; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 19, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Pam Del Franco

My gift of connecting with Spirit was a definite struggle for me. But, like in any heroes journey, I navigated through the dark cave to return and help you in the most profound ways. My readings have evolved with the help of my Divine Channeler, J'Paal. Sometimes you'll receive psychic message within your reading; sometimes the messenger is an entity you know and sometimes the words given to you are from an entity who has shown up to guide yo
(Nearest City: Burlington, Ontario; Reviews 1; Listed since: Aug 12, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Lesley Phillips

Dr Lesley is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. She reads from trance and uses her gifts to communicate with you on a soul level. She teaches intuition development at her retreats and on-line courses. Her trademark intuition blueprint consultations and mentoring program help you identify and unblock your intuitive gifts. INTUITION BLUEPRINT: Reviews your unique profile of intuitive gifts and shows how they support y
(Nearest City: Maple Ridge; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 31, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor is a gifted clairvoyant based in Oakville Ontario who loves to help people connect to their angels, guides and spirits. She comes from a long line of accomplished psychics and has had the ability to see and hear spirits all her life. She brings kindness, compassion, understanding and humor to all of her readings. -Certified Medium -Past Life Readings -Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner Advanced -Rainbow Energy Healing P
(Nearest City: Oakville; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 17, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Sandra Wagman

I feel it is my calling as a psychic medium to show you the window for today and empower You for change. Remember, it’s your future and if you don’t like what’s coming you always have the power to change it. It has always been my hearts desire to help people move forward in their life, to help them see the genius within and discover confidence in themselves – this is my passion and life’s work. Through my unique insight and my con
(Nearest City: Sunshine Coast, BC / Vancouveer ; Reviews 0; Listed since: Dec 12, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Sam Black

With over 20 years experience and a practice of working from a place of service, gratitude and from the heart, Sam is an authentic and genuine Psychic-Medium, Healer and Life Coach. Sam has studied with world renowned teachers Lisa Williams (LWISSD), Deborah King and Doreen Virtue. As a life long learner and dedicated reader, Sam attends training, workshops and seminars frequently. Sam is a member of the Spiritualist Church of Canada and a Cert
(Nearest City: Niagara Falls; Reviews 0; Listed since: Feb 8, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Tara Greene

Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Psychic, Intuitive Spiritual Life and Relationship coach, past life regression, Women's spirituality dream work and sacred arts workshop leader and teacher. Tara Greene was born psychic remembering her past lives and cosmic origins. Tara's mission is to empower her clients in every aspect of their lives. Tara is certified as a Transformational Psychotherapist blessings giver and Tarot Reader. She has extensive traini
(Nearest City: Toronto; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 21, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Linda Masson

A gifted Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Artist and published Author . I read your energy and your situation and will guide you with your personal life situations and questions. I receive sensations, images, sounds , smells and connect with your angel guides and loved ones. I work by receiving impressions and sensations. I can provide you with answers to relationships , career, divorce and separation. My Psychic readings are available b
(Nearest City: St. Thomas, Ontario; Reviews 2; Listed since: Jun 17, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Pamela Forseth

Internationally known, Pam is highly regarded for her compassion, truth and honesty. She is direct and to the point. She brings forth many validations and specifics so that you know she is connected to Spirit, your loved ones. She prides herself on truth and honesty, and bringing forth anything that is only for your highest good. It is an honor to connect with your loved ones. It amazes me still, with all that they bring forward for you to kno
(Nearest City: Saskatoon; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 18, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Elizabeth Commandeur

~ PSYCHIC VISIONS ~ MEDIUMSHIP ~ ANIMAL MESSAGES ~ Psychic Medium Readings that provide you with spirit level connections and solutions. Deep insight into different aspects of your life, valuable messages relating to loved ones who have crossed over including beloved pets, and meaning that resonates with your soul are delivered to you in your confidential session. Phone Readings are highly recommended as a testament to my ability. As a tru
(Nearest City: Edmonton, Alberta; Reviews 6; Listed since: Jan 19, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Serena Nicole Maio

Serena is a Gifted Psychic Medium and Aura Reader who is known for her compassionate, intuitive guidance and energy healing for those who have sought her out. Serena is able to communicate with your Guides, Angels and Loved ones to help provide you clarity, peace of mind and guidance for your journey here on the physical plane. Information comes to Serena relating to issues you may be facing at the present time and seeing glimpses from yo
(Nearest City: Ontario; Reviews 8; Listed since: Apr 21, 2016) :: READ MORE...