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Natasha Rosewood

Natasha Rosewood
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$200 per hour

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After surviving life in a large, chaotic family in Oxfordshire, England, Natasha, a reincarnation of a Gypsy, found her niche as a flight attendant and apprentice palmist and traveled extensively. She lived in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Libya, studying the languages of those countries and picking up a few additional languages before immigrating to British Columbia, Canada. Since 1995, when she finally surrendered to her fate as a full-time psychic, Natasha evolved from palm reader to psychic coach, facilitating spiritual healing and psychic development through corporate and private workshops, writing books and columns, and offering private and phone consultations to people around the world. Her mission is to make her work as a psychic coach redundant by training others to listen to, and trust, their own intuition.

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Phone readings
E-mail / photo readings
In Person Readings
Past Life Regressions

Author - Psychic Coach - Spiritual Healer - Workshop Facilitator - TV and Radio Personality

Listed since: Dec 29, 2011


Natasha is pretty good....hit the nail on the knob a few times...!

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