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Cheryl Andary

Cheryl Andary
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Instant Reading Fee: Click Instant Reading buttons above for rate per minute

Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$129 for a full hour. $99 for 45 minutes. $69 for 30 minutes. $39 for 15 minutes or email reading for $17 ...All on (see website link below)

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226-346-3460 or click website link below


*TESTED & CERTIFIED*- HONEST yet gentle on health, love, family, money, life purpose, career, emotional, spiritual issues, future & more.

Cheryl is a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT; having much experience & understanding in ALL relationships including LGBTQ. She is a Certified Reiki Master Healer, Certified ANGEL THERAPIST, & a Certified Life Coach.

Coming from a loving place of peace, caring & NON-JUDGMENT, she genuinely wants what is best for you and offers her full heart and mind to help you with any issues you’re facing or just for some insight as to what direction might be best for you at this time.

If you feel lost and don’t know what to do or how to improve your life, you can receive guidance and she can send you some help through distance reiki and angel healing, for both emotional and physical healing if you wish.

Many have commented that her voice is very pleasing to listen to. :)

The angels use her to provide you with helpful answers to life's challenges.

Cheryl is here to help you, don't delay, get your answers and improve your life right now. :)

Readings by phone, chat or email for your convenience.

Additional Information: 

Highly gifted and experienced in:
Angel Readings
Psychic Readings
Reiki Help Healing (in-person or distance healing)
Angel Help Healing (in-person or distance healing)
Tarot Readings
Life Coaching

Listed since: Nov 13, 2013


Extraordinary reader! Wow! She hit the nail right on the head!
I have had a couple readings with Cheryl and every time I have had a reading with her, I feel so much more at ease. I have had a few issues that I had questions on and needed some guidance on them and she was able to help me with that. Thank you Cheryl!
Cheryl Andary has this ability to make you feel at ease rather quickly. While being very direct during a reading, she's also very comforting and supportive. What I liked best is that I had a major problem for months, and she quickly and gently provided a suggestion to fix it. Within 10 days my problem was resolved by following her suggestion. That was worth a million times what I paid for the reading. She's definitely my new go-to reader.
Thank you Cheryl for a wonderful and insightful reading!! I will be calling you weekly. It is so calming to have someone like you to talk to :)
HOLY SMOKES! Very very good!
I saw Cheryl on stage years ago with Wayne Dyer. When I noticed she did readings on here I was excited. She did a spectacular reading for me and everything that Wayne had said about her turned out to be correct. She is kind, sincere, accurate and sees the problem. Best of all - she offered solutions that worked to solve the problem! I'll be calling her again now that I know how to find her! :)
The reading was clear and very accurate. Her voice is so nice to listen to and she has a very upbeat and kind personality.
Absolutely the BEST!
I told her I wanted to know about a friend. She sweetly chuckled and told me it felt like more than friendship. LOL...She was right! ;) Then she went on to tell me about how to deal with him. After following her suggestions we are now officially a couple. She's clearly a gifted psychic with real solutions not just visions!
Spectacular! I highly recommend Cheryl Andary
Holy smokes! I'm speechless. She saw the problem and gave me the solution. She was right and my problem is solved! I heard that she's good but I didn't realize she was THIS good!
Very good reader. Couldn't ask for better accuracy or kindness.
After 30 years of work I quit and didn't know what to do for work. Cheryl guided me to my life purpose in just a few minutes. I now get paid to do what I love and I could stay there all day. The clock says the work day's over but I don't want to stop. :) This reading was worth a million dollars. I'm finally happy. She's gifted for sure!
Realistic, professional and enlightening. I highly recommend this lovely lady.
Extremely satisfied! :)
Six months ago my life was a disaster. I looked everywhere for help to no avail. Then I called Cheryl and she was so understanding and kind of full of life wisdom. She guided me so patiently and sweetly and my life is better than ever now, thanks to her. She's not like other readers - she's 100 times better than I ever expected.
It felt like Cheryl knew me because she was perfectly accurate. She not only told me things that had happened and would happen that were all correct, but she also gave me advice to help make things go my way and that worked too. What an amazing reader! She's very different from other readers. I've never experienced anything like this! LOVED it!
The BEST of the BEST! WOW!!!!!!!!
Cheryl - you saved my relationship. What I didn't see clearly was hurting us and you showed me what I needed to see and we are happier than ever. You were such a kind soul about it too. I'm overjoyed! I wish I could talk to you all day. You are a first-rate psychic.
Wow! She's amazing! She told me right away that there was a big challenge in my life over a baby. I hadn't even told her that my boyfriend and I were broken up because another woman is pregnant with his child from him cheating on me. Cheryl was completely accurate for the entire reading. She also gave good advice that I used to solve a lot of problems around this and it worked well for me. She's spectacular!
Superb! Cheryl has done 6 readings for me and I feel like she's my best friend. Very helpful and accurate and incredibly understanding and easy to talk to. She's good at seeing solutions too.
She has a sweet kind way and told me things that were going to happen. She was right too. Excellent. A+++
I enjoy instant readings with Cheryl, she is very insightful and suggests things that you can do on your own to help improve your well being and to also help you really figure out what are the things that make you happy. She is also very professional and I feel comfortable communicating with her because she is very open to the questions that I have for her, and she is very patient as well. I recommend having a reading done by Cheryl.
I had to come back to leave this feedback because I'm amazed that everything she said came true. The house I moved to is the one she said and the girl I met was right where Cheryl pointed me to. Pleasantly surprised and extremely satisfied! Cheryl Andary is the real deal!
To the point. Accurate. Kind and friendly. The best of the best!
I'm so happy with this reading. She was concise, to the point, and super accurate. An excellent reading!
Cheryl is definately very accurate and gifted! She is truly caring, compassionate and uplifting. She is amazing, and will not sugar coat anything, she only speaks truth. A very kind, honest advisor!
Cheryl is the only reader I do readings with anymore. She is always spot on and very understanding and she has been 100% accurate. The best of the best.


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