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Sylvia Buck

Sylvia Buck
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Readings: $255 per hour-See website for smaller blocks of time. **INSTANT "RIGHT NOW" PHONE READINGS THROUGH MY WEBSITE**
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Sylvia is a Nationally and Internationally renown psychic clairvoyant/Medium, doing personal phone readings for clients for over 30 years. Sylvia is highly esteemed for her work as a Clairvoyant/Medium connecting to higher realms and with loved ones who have passed over, but is an accurate psychic with so much more details beyond just her highly evolved skills as a Medium.
*~Sylvia is highly accurate in precise time-frames for events to happen~*
Time-frames are the one thing most other psychic readers have a very difficult time pinpointing for clients. Sylvia is a Direct Channel, swiftly and accurately connecting to higher realms for your messages and uses NO TOOLS to aid her. She only needs your first name or that of anyone you have questions about to directly connect with their energy and the Archangels. A reading with Sylvia allows you to benefit by a direct connection with loved ones, receiving extremely accurate details, time-frames for events to happen, descriptions of potential mates, and helpful information on what is ahead on your life path. She will also provide you with direction, tools and guidance to important aspects of present and future life circumstances. As a Direct Channel, the messages and counsel she receives come from God, the Holy Spirit, Archangels and your own personal "higher self" or loved ones who have passed to the Other Side. Sylvia has worked extensively as a medical intuitive with a highly successful rate of correctly assessing medical issues that have left doctors and specialists stumped. These medical intuitive abilities extend to pets as well. Sylvia is able to connect with pets to relay what is medically wrong with them or where they may be found at when lost.

Sylvia's additional gifts include the ability to "remote view" to tell about situations and people in other locations around the world or finding lost objects at great distances away without being present. She also specializes in identification of negative spirits attached to properties, in homes or on people, providing resources to deal effectively with these matters. Sylvia connects as a Medium with loved ones who have passed to the other side, providing healing to living family members or friends. Often clients find missing pieces of the puzzle and closure through their connection made possible by Sylvia bridging the gap with these loved ones from the other side or even with dream interpretations.

" I am passionate about working with God and the Archangels for the information I receive for you and I am deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass messages to help guide, sooth and heal." Blessings, Sylvia

Sylvia is a national and international known psychic clairvoyant and medium, giving detailed readings with accurate time-frames for over 25 years. Sylvia was born with her psychic abilities, which flow through her Jewish mother's family for multiple generations. At age 3 Sylvia had a near death experience from a drowning accident which increased her abilities to connect to higher spiritual realms. At a very young age she was aware of being different than other children and having abilities that others did not. However, because she was raised as strict Catholic, she did not feel comfortable using her prophetic gifts and abilities professionally to help others till she was in her early twenties.

After leaving an abusive marriage, Sylvia continued her education as a single mother, earning a bachelors degree of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences with honors from Linfield College in McMinnville Oregon, followed by her Doctorate of Law from Seattle University School of Law, Seattle Washington. In law school, Sylvia served as vice president of her scholastic legal fraternity Phi Delta Phi. It was while attending law school that Sylvia had an experience where she was directed by Spirit to use her prophetic gifts to help others on their life path rather than the practice of law. As a result, while finishing law school, she began giving on line live phone readings through the single largest on line psychic network, then incorporated to offer phone readings to private clients as well.

In addition to Sylvia's gifts as a Clairvoyant and Medium, Sylvia has always served in her community as a volunteer in various capacities of giving back and presently volunteers through her church for home and property cleansing from dark spirits.

Additional Information: 

Sylvia is extremely compassionate and strives to provide tools for her clients growth, transformation, and independent use beyond the readings she provides. She believes in nurturing Spiritual growth and development of her clients own intuitive abilities and not encouraging dependent relationships with clients. Clients privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to her. Additional information about Sylvia is available on her website.

Listed since: Mar 11, 2012


Sylvia, herself, is a very compassionate, intelligent, and spiritual person. Her reading was accurate, descriptive, enlightening, and well-worth the fee. She has an awesome gift that she seems to truly enjoy sharing with others!
This is my second reading with Sylvia and she still amazes me! He actually picks up word for word in some cases! Sylvia connects very quickly, doesn't sit and waste time, answers directly and is kind and compassionate to boot! I'm anxiously awaiting a prediction to come to pass, two as a matter of fact, that will make me jump for joy! Sylvia is truly gifted and on point!Fd2k3
Sylvia is absolutely beyond words, phenomenal! Totally on point and ridiculously quick to connect. When she gave me word for word what the person I was asking about, I was floored! Thank God I was sitting lol I can't wait to speak to her again! Oh! And she gives time frames, too. Outstanding!
I had a great reading with Sylvia. She was fast, accurate, and straight to the point. She picked up right away on my situation and also gave me some great advice. I wish I would have booked a longer amount of time, so I will be calling back soon to get another appointment. She has an amazing gift and uses to help people. Don't hesitate to get a reading with her. You won't regret it. Thanks again, Sylvia!
Very accurate, sincere and honest!
I spoke with Sylvia last week and I was very impressed! I felt like l was talking to a friend because she was very familiar with my situation without knowing anything about me. Her answers to my questions have been accurate and I have been pleasantly surprised What she predicted happened within the next few days after I spoke to her. Not only is Sylvia an impressive intuitive, she is also kind and caring. I felt like I was talking to someone who truly cared. Naomi
Sylvia is AWSOME! She gets straight to the point and is very straight forward. I love that she doesn't need to be fed any information, she just knows. Cant wait to have my next reading with her!
I had my first reading from Sylvia, I was very impressed by her insight, she asked for no information about me or my situation prior to or during the reading it was strictly intuitive. Upon doing the reading Sylvia was able to sense a very strong negative energy, she did a clearing on me and it WORKED? I am very grateful I found her and I will continue to have her read for me. Traci
Sylvia has been instrumental with her guidance and has become a trusted advisor for me. Her advice is impactful as I'm making exciting life changes. It's a true blessing to receive healing sound advice. I value her words and get beautiful reminders upon reflection of our sessions together. The light shines brightly through Sylvia don't forget your sunscreen!
It's been almost a year getting readings by Sylvia and she is amazing! She's always spot on with information and accuracy. There's never sugar coating about situations but she always makes me feel at ease. I'll continue to remain a client as long as she continues to listen to my messy situations. She is definitely the greatest!! :)
Sylvia is amazing! She uses both her psychic gifts and insight as well as her intellect and common sense. She's quite brilliant. With her help and guidance, I have DOUBLED my income in the past year. My profession is in a very competitive sales field and her advice has been invaluable. She is very responsive, accurate and professional. I wouldn't be where I am now without her!
Sylvia is my trusted advisor, she has been right all of the time in the past 6 years. It took me a while to find her. So many want to tell you what you want to hear so you will continue to consult. Sylvia tells you what you need to hear. She has experience similar situations and is able to relate to all situations. I trust no others.
I have been a client of Sylvia Buck for over 10 yrs now. She is the most accurate and professional Psychic I have ever dealt with, her accuracy is over 90%! Fast, friendly, direct, and totally honest. If you want truth, and not just what you want to hear, call her!!
Sylvia is a very unique and compassionate individual. For the past few months I have struggled with personal issues; and always feel comforted when I talk to Sylvia. She processes messages very quickly and accurately making your readings very effective with plenty of information. She doesn't sugar coat the me I have tried to call her out on specific questions and she won't budge. An amazing woman.
Sylvia is a very unique and compassionate individual. For the past few months I have struggled with personal issues; and always feel comforted when I talk to Sylvia. She processes messages very quickly and accurately making your readings very effective with plenty of information. She doesn't sugar coat the me I have tried to call her out on specific questions and she won't budge. If you are looking to get answers that only you want to hear Sylvia isn't the psychic for you.
Sylvia has read for me since 2002. She is absolutely the best I have ever found. Caring, direct, honest to a fault, tells it like it is and as she see's it. Extremely accurate and detailed. The first to tell you she is not perfect, and will not make stuff up if she can't see something. Takes her work seriously, very Professional, yet down to earth, and easy to talk to.
Every time I speak with Sylvia she is just amazing! she's been spot on with accurate details and information. she's straight forward and doesn't sugarcoat anything, right to the point! she has an awesome gift and is truly a wonderful lady. hoping what she told me today happens soon! I'll definitely be contacting her again real soon!
I've called Sylvia about 10 times and every time she's come through with detailed information that I never would have believed until it actually checked out. I finally had an explanation for my suspicions about my cheating husband.Recently, she told me to look into a specific job. I'd never have thought to look for it because it wasn't advertised. A week later, I have a job interview & I'm praying it works out! Calling Sylvia has literally changed my life!
I had come to a place where I needed rock solid clarity concerning the next 3 months. Had previous readings but didn't feel at ease. I prayed about a reading, sought the Goddesses. I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning and went to FB there was Sylvia first thing. Like she was waiting for me. Well, that wasn't hard to discern ! I scheduled a reading and when she started talking I felt an instant peace about it. The reading was right on with confirmation from Spirit Thank you Sylvia.
I just finished my first reading with Sylvia. Awesome in the true definition of the word. I'm just amazed at her gift and abilities - not just in providing accurate information, but to reach into the deepest part of your life and provide clarity and direction - something that I was really hoping would come through. The information she provided was specific and right on point. Deeply resonant from the very beginning of the reading. I am very grateful.
I experienced my first ever psychic reading with Sylvia and it was a truly amazing experience. She has an incredible gift! I could not believe how accurate she was. She was able to help me make certain decisions about my 14 year old puppy. That was the main reason I chose Sylvia: because of her gift as a pet intuitive. I cannot wait until my next reading!
My first call to Sylvia was about ten years ago. I was deeply in love with a man with whom I felt a strong connection, and he had been distancing himself from me. When I called Sylvia, she said that she saw us in a marriage situation. Over the months, I would call her again several times, and she would stick to her story that we would be together. It is now many years later and this man is my partner. We've been living harmoniously together for about 6 years now. Very grateful.
She is wonderful, astute and fast. No nonsense attitude, she will tell you the truth & guide you, will not tell you what you want to listen to. She is honest on what she sees and what she does not see. She is compassionate & I feel she truly cares for her clients & takes them seriously. I cannot verify the predictions yet as they are a few months away, but I do feel that I can trust her. I was blown away by my first reading. The process of getting in touch with her is very efficient. Thanks
Sylvia did a reading for me for the first time a couple of days ago. I have been going through some very tough times lately and Sylvia assured me this IS a transition period and that things will be changing in the near future. She gave me a time frame and reassurance. She also gave me a message from my mother that confirmed to me it was from her. I found Sylvia to be caring and understanding. She gave me faith in my future and how to deal with some of the issues I am facing now.
I originally contacted Sylvia to ask her if I was on the right path. She confirmed I was and then elaborated on details that were important for me. Out of the blue I will hear from her about things significant to my journey. She doesn't forget her clients. I feel like she's a friend, a confidante and mentor while sharing her amazing gifts of accuracy. She has shared timelines with me and they have come true. The best is yet to come! I highly recommend her.
We were given a blessing when we had a reading with Sylvia! We were wanting some insight into the questionable death of a close family member! She verified a lot of our concerns and gave us some new info! Very compassionate and caring. She gave us some descriptions of people and places that we already knew and some that we will look into! Looking forward to another a reading in the very near future! This lady is truely amazing.
Sylvia is great. I had asked her if my boyfriend was going to propose and she said that he would do it in Florida. We had no plans to go there so I thought that won't happen. Well, the next morning my boyfriend told me he wants to go to Florida in December around Christmas. Go figure. She's the best.
Sylvia is one of the most in-tune, compassionate, and accurate readers I have ever known. Speaking to her is speaking to a friend. She does not ask for any information other than a first name or your specific question and in seconds stuns you with how informed she is. Information that she gave me already has manifested and it's only been two days!! I trust Sylvia completely in her advice and guidance. She even gave me extra advice for healing and caution. Sylvia is a blessing from God. Thank you
I've spoken with Sylvia twice now, and can say without any hesitation she is my go-to girl. Sylvia only asks for a name or question and nothing else. Sylvia is extremely loving, understanding, non-judgmental and straight/quick to the point. I've read with a lot of psychics so it is a big thing that I would go to no one else. Sylvia cares about her clients and will even give you warnings to avoid certain things and other ways to help, even if it may go over a bit in time. Sylvia is my friend now
I've been getting readings from Sylvia for almost a decade. She's consistently hit on points others have missed. I remember being unemployed and her getting a name within the company name of my future employer. She has, as I have discussed here before hit on major points in my complicated romantic life including the end of a love triangle. Timing is , of course, very difficult but her readings on timing have some of the most accurate that I have recieved at any price, even the big name people


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