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Susan Schueler

Susan Schueler
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Nearest City: 

Los Angeles / Santa Monica


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$150.00 (psychic in person or phone verbal reading), $175.00 (mediumship in person or phone reading), $333.00 (written reading...10-15 pages)

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I will help you get the answers….it’s what I do! I sincerely want to help you get the answers which you seek, and love making this journey a little easier. You will find your time with me not only enlightening, but actually uplifting and often fun.

I am a natural born psychic medium who lives in Los Angeles, California and am blessed to have studied with the best in the field of metaphysics. As a two time tested, ethical and accurate psychic medium, a member of The Certified Psychic Society, and a tested Psychic and Spiritual Advisor with Lisa Williams, I take this work very seriously and therefore hold several advanced certificates in this area. (When looking for a medium, I suggest looking for someone who has spent a great amount of time studying to improve her gift; you wouldn’t want an accountant who was only good with numbers, would you?) I therefore am constantly working to improve my techniques so I can better serve others. This IS my life’s purpose and something I am VERY passionate about. My straightforward and enthusiastic approach is appreciated by my clients from all around the world. I was a high school teacher for more than 20 years and therefore come from a very grounded and practical place.

I continue to learn and frequently attend world renowned Arthur Findlay College in England several times a year. I also do many public demonstrations and charity events. Life is good and I am very excited to be alive and helping others.

Phone readings are just as effective as face to face readings!

Before considering a reading…
Do you know there is a difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading?

A Psychic Reading
During a psychic reading, Susan will align her soul and chakra system to the person with whom she is reading. By connecting her energy to the client’s, she is able to obtain information through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling). This is a person to person (soul to soul) connection.

A Mediumship Reading
A medium takes a psychic reading a step further. Through using her psychic abilities, Susan connects directly with those who have crossed over, as well as spirit guides and angels. Since she relies on a non-physical energy outside herself, she is able to achieve this by keeping her vibration at a very high level, while these beings slow theirs down to allow for a connection between the two. Spirits will use the previously mentioned “Clairs” to pass along desired evidential information using Susan as the “medium.”

Additional Information: 

Susan co-hosts a radio show "Angel Talk Tuesday" every Tuesday morning at 7 am PST on OM Times Radio.

Susan is the weekly guest medium on KLLY Energy 95.3 Bakersfield every Monday morning at 8 am PST. Call in for live readings!

Listed since: Oct 26, 2013


I love Susan! She beautifully brought through my grandmother with touching accuracy. She was able to describe her physically as well as emotionally, painting a picture of who she was. Susan has a very kind and loving energy that makes you feel at ease. She is exactly what you want in a medium!
All I can say is WOW I was left speechless. She is so amazing and so sweet on top of that accurate. I was always interested in a mediumship but never looked into it. Finally decided to look for someone and here I was googling and found Susan I went based off of reviews and decided to give her a shot. I made the best decision going to her she left me amazed. If anyone is interested in mediumship you should definitely without second guessing go to her you will not be disappointed
My mother had a reading with Susan.Which I thought was the best gift for my mom since she had questions. Susan was unbelievably amazing. Everything she mentioned was right on. I wish the time lasted longer though. Susan is very gifted and she really connects the best way she could to explain what she is expressed from the other side. Can't wait to have another reading one day. Thanks so much Susan you brought allot of knowledge and clarity to this family.
My phone reading with Susan Schueler this past August brought so much love into my life. I've always felt like I wasn't ever alone and now I am aware of those who has been with me this whole time. Her talent and understanding is so strong and she is definitely working within her true calling. So much power in such a beautiful person...
Susan was very accurate in her description of me and my latest issues. She provided helpful information which shortly thereafter was proven to be true. She is very good and I highly recommend her services.
I just went for my first medium reading and she was simply amazing. Susan was above and beyond my expectations. She was so right on with everything. These were specific things she could not have made up or guessed. I was blown away. She's changed my whole perspective on death (which was pretty grim before this) and I feel like a new person. To me, accuracy is the most important, but as an added bonus she was incredibly warm and kind. #WIN So, in the words of Arnold, "I'll be back."
I was speechless. Such an amazing experience! I am so glad to have met her. Will definitely go back!!
Susan is beyond amazing! Her soul and connection was so deep, I felt as if I had known her my entire life. I can't begin to explain the happiness and serenity I expereinced during my time with her. Do yourself a favor and see her!
Had a reading with Susan an everything was so spot on! Felt amazing an was a huge relief to know they are still watching over ! Can't wait to do another reading in the future !
My first past life regression reading was so interesting! What Susan described was unexpected and totally relatable in a good way. Susan truly has a gift.
I just had a mediumship reading with Susan yesterday. She connected with my mom who recently passed and brought me some closure and comfort. I wish my reading was longer!!! She connected with emotions too which were right on.
Susan is amazing!! I reached out to her a few weeks ago for a written reading and was just amazed at all she had to say. It was so beautifully written and clear it was obvious she has so much clarity and insight which helped her answer my questions. She helped me understand so much about myself. I got so much more than I ever expected from this reading and will recommend her to everyone. So happy I found her! Thank you Susan!!
Susan is an amazing woman with great personality and aura. She helped me to find answers to my questions and gave me a direction where to head to. I'm very thankful, because Im on the crossroad of my life and needed some higher guidance. I totally recommend her! Thank you again, Susan! Lots of love!
I had a mediumship reading with Susan this last Saturday, and I was blown away. I have lost my husband, and she was able to receive messages from him, there was no way she would know about certain things she told me he showed her. It was truly life changing, and I can say I finally have my closure, and it makes it easier to move on. And she's just so warm and welcoming. She really makes you feel at ease, and comfortable.
I highly recommend having a reading with Susan Schueler. I saw Susan for the first time about a week ago and can not stop thinking about the experience. She is warm, kind, and most important; accurate! Going into the reading I was so nervous, she instantly put me at ease with her welcoming energy. Susan is blessed with a talent and it's absolutely wonderful that she is able to share her gifts. Do yourself a favor and schedule yourself a reading with Susan Schueler!
Susan is absolutely wonderful. She advised me on some issues I had going on that were stressing me out and hit the nail on the head in every way. She described people in my life in detail without having a clue who they are. I am still amazed at what she is capable of. I will call the next time I have a dilemma for sure!
Susan is very friendly and open and easy to talk to. Before I asked questions, she provided information based on my name and that was accurate. She knew things that about my current situation that she couldn't possibly have known. She also provided some insight with my future relationships, and career. I can only hope that she will be accurate with that as well.
Wow, my sister and I were blown away our minds were put at ease on many unknowns thanks to Susan we had a phone reading that worked out great. i will be scheduling a in person medium session soon. So professional and warm really felt at ease with her, will be sending all our open minded friends her way! You must experience this for it is soooooo worth the time!!!
I've had many readings by many psychics. Susan is an incredible psychic. Susan is spot on. I couldn't believe her accuracy! I was blown away. When we got to the question part, I asked her about an upcoming interview. I said my name and the word interview. She was 100% accurate how the interview would unfold. She said the 2nd B would throw me off and it would start off a bit rocky, for me to take a breath and then it would be great. She was right. I am calling her back!
Wow...she was right on.
I had a reading with Susan on saturday. She was very insightful and kkind. You leave her presence with much peace and knowledge. I would recommend to anyone who has a quest for spiritual knowledge
Hi, I had a wonderful experience meeting Susan earlier today. I've seen a few psychics before and this experience was certainly the most pleasant and rewarding. Susan was full of love and her energy was beautiful. I would happily see her again.
I have had Susan read for many on two separate occasions. To say that she is the "real-deal," is an absolute understatement. Susan's readings are incredibly accurate, insightful and specific. Her energy is so positive and warm that at the end of the reading she left me feeling hopeful and grounded. Be prepared to be "wowed!"
I have had some great readings from different psychics that I call on regularly. I decided to try Susan based on one of the other psychic's rec. I was knocked out with her accuracy and insight into what is going on in my life. I will be calling on her regularly. She is truly gifted. Do yourself a favor!!!!
Susan was wonderful to work with! I have had two readings with her - one was a written reading and another was a phone reading. Her style is very unique in that she explains her impressions very vividly and then tells you her interpretations. She is great at connecting the imagery that she receives and how it may pertain to the client's life and/or questions. I love all of her references and I go back to my notes from my reading frequently as there is so much to take in. She was right on!
I had been wanting to do a reading with Susan for sometime and the timing with the new year was really perfect. I mean, what better way to start off 2016 than with a reading?! Susan's place is very peaceful and welcoming. Amazingly, she pegged everything perfectly. I admit, I am not someone who has had a lot of readings but I would highly recommend Susan as someone who really has a gift to see and reveal all. You leave feeling both enlivened and enlightened. A wonderful way to be in the world.
I loved Susan!! My husband surprised me for my bday so unjust showed up at her place without knowing what was going on. She made me feel welcome right away and said she tapped into my energy before I came in. She was dead on with my personality! She was so inspiring in what I asked her but was also very real. When i walked out explaining to my husband what she said he said it was like I was flying. Can't wait to put things into motion on what she was picking h up. Thank you again Susan!!
Amazing psychic so dead on! I was shocked at what Susan was able to do with just the names... Definitely not the last time I will cal her. She is honest real accurate and trustworthy! Thank you so much Susan!
My Mediumship Reading with Susan was insightful, emotional, and healing. This was my first experience and I felt instantly comfortable with her. The serenity of her reading space and Susan's warmth and skill made it a very special experience.
Susan is so wonderful and made me feel at ease immediately. I have spoken with 2 other mediums and Susan was able to deliver the most valuable information to me and was the only one that made me break down and cry with her genuine messages from loved ones. Susan connected with my brother who passed away a year ago and there was no doubt in my mind she had connected with him. She knew things that NO ONE could ever know about him and the way he died. She truly has a gift. Hope to do it again.


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