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Matthew Brandau

Matthew Brandau
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San Fransisco


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15 min phone reading $75, 30 min phone reading $145, 45 min phone reading $195

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I am a native of Boston Massachusetts and hold a professional associate’s degree in Small business and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training and work in emergency medicine for almost a decade. This combination of professionalism, crisis intervention training, and my psychic medium gifts gives me all the tools I need to successfully bring any situation - both spiritual, emotional - into a calm state of reason and predictability.
Using my gift of sight into the spiritual realm, I founded and organized a paranormal group located in Massachusetts. I investigated paranormal activity and assisted my clients with regaining control of their homes and lives. There is much more to paranormal investigating and clearing than just the entity that must be cleared. There is the emotional distress left behind and in the wake of such a disturbance that must be cleared as well.
I am a natural counselor and coach. My steady and calm presence and specialized training in emergency and crisis intervention serve me well for my work as psychic and coach. I am able to create spiritual calmness and bring my clients full circle back from distress to centered and ready to take on the next challenge in their lives.
As a sensitive, I have always been able to see the need within others and understand the healing that they need – emotionally and spiritually. My connection is true and real and my promise is to leave you with peace and tools to move forward spiritually and in your physical life.

With my strong faith in God, spiritual gifts, and a strong grounding with the very real world we live in, I help to connect with past loved ones, provide insight to careers, clarity into romance and marriage, improve family communication.

I have been on radio shows that have reached clients world wide. .

You can find me here almost every day. Usually 7 AM EST until around 8 PM EST. (NYC Time zone)

'If I am not showing available, please email me and I will sign on shortly after.'

Thank you!

Listed since: Oct 20, 2016

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