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Cate Coffelt

Cate Coffelt
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Nearest City: 
Pasadena, Glendale, Los Angeles
Scheduled Reading Fee: 
30 Mins - $90 / 60 Min - $150
To Schedule A Reading Call: 
323-943-2283 or email me at

I'm Cate Coffelt, a natural born evidentiary Psychic Medium. I offer psychic medium and animal communication services. I truly love what I do and find it an honor to be of service!

(Psychic Medium Service)
When we lose our loved ones, we can sometimes feel like it is hard to move forward. We might wonder if those from beyond are okay or possibly still with us. As a Psychic Medium, it is my mission to bring through validations and communicate messages that can provide hope and healing. For some people, messages from Spirit can be a transformative experience. Connecting with those who have crossed over may also help free us to move forward with our own lives while at the same time feeling supported and loved.

(Animal Communication Service)
Is your pet having a difficult time adjusting to a new situation or experiencing behavioral issues? I am here to help. As an Animal Communicator, it is my passion to bring through validations and share messages from your pet's perspective. Clients have reported relief and see positive changes with their pet once they have learned the reasons for their behavior. This can strengthen the bond between animal and human.

I am available for events.

To learn more about the services I offer, please contact me at

I look forward to being of service!

Additional Information: 

I am a highly sensitive and empathic person by nature which allows me to tune into the energy within the spiritual realm. This allows me to receive information in a few different ways. When I connect with those who have crossed or your pet family, I do not use any tools, but rather I can experience clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentient (feeling/touching), and claircognizant (knowing / gut feeling) when conducting a reading. I often feel like I'm putting together pieces of a puzzle when I receive information in this way.

Each reading is specific to you and I allow the information from Spirit or your animal to flow through so I will share everything I receive including validation that there is a connection. Messages may not be what you expected, but always come from a place of compassion and for your highest good.

Listed since: Oct 25, 2014


I had a psychic/medium reading with Cate recently and was very pleased with the direction she gave me. Her messages from Spirit were not only validations from them, but also included clear advice and direction. Although she wasn't big on names, that was perfectly okay because she was spot on with details about the loved ones coming through. The messages were so specific that they made sense to me, when they didn't make sense to her. I highly recommend her for connection and direction!
I first contacted Cate after my father's passing in March 2015. My reading was an experience I will never forget. Cate was able to bring up items and certain things about my dad that only I knew. Through her reading I was able to tap into my grandmother and grandfather. I now have closure and understand that my father is at peace. I also suffered a loss of my 16 year old Maltese in Aug 15' and found closure after my reading. She is amazing and will be doing another reading soon.
Cate has an amazing Gift. During our reading, 2 people came through, quite profoundly, that I hadn't expected. Cate relayed messages that there is no way possible she could have known. Her work with animals is equally amazing. Her ability to communicate, even over a distance, with lost or distressed animals is like nothing I have ever seen.

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