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Donna Marie

Donna Marie
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Gold Coast


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$55 - 30 min recorded voicemail Psychic Reading

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+61466949885 through whatsap.


Well known as Psychic Twin Featherz - Donna Marie... is a Highly Intuitive Psychic and has enjoyed conducting countless of Psychic Readings, in which she has channeled through Spirit. Seekers from all walks of life and all over the world have enjoyed her services, thanks to the online presence and word of mouth… Donna Marie's Psychic Readings are Intuitive, informative/detailed, uplifting, spiritually comforting and yet quite down to Earth and useful.

Available worldwide, offering Spirit Healing, Psychic Readings, Psychic Wisdom, for you in person, via WhatsApp / Phone, email and Skype video call. WhatsApp/Phone No: +61466949885

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Listed since: Mar 19, 2014


I have had many readings from Donna Marie. Her readings are accurate and done with upmost integrity. She has been very specific and spookily accurate. She reads in a non judgemental and kind manner and when I have had complicated sometime unusual love issues she has always been very kind and direct. Highly recommend
Donna Marie gave such great insight into the questions I asked. Everything was spot on and really refreshing to hear, I will move forward with patience as suggested and look forward to my journey into my purpose. Also, prior to the reading I had blood work done and have recently received my results, this was all addressed in my reading and again spot on! I am truly grateful for the gifts that Donna Marie shared with me and have already recommended her to my close friends! Thank you so much!
After having a short reading with Donna Marie I instantly felt comforted and less anxious about my situation. She delivers her readings in a clear, unambiguous and down to earth way. She is not fluffy or airy and provides insight and guidance to give you clarity. I am so happy to have found Donna Marie and I highly recommend her as she isnt full of pseudo spiritual talk or phrases!
Donna Marie has been invaluable with my working with animals. Her guidance and intuitive knowledge is helping with a dog behavior issue I have been working with. She has given me more to work with for his comfort, and validated other items. Donna Marie also has seen where my intuitive skills should be directed. I love that she shared this insight- Thank you for your guidance
Donna Marie's reading was wonderful. I truly felt that she understood me and my situation and was able to give valuable insight. I will be reaching out again in the future!
Donna Marie is wonderful ... she truly can connect with spirit and her reading resonated on a soul level ... wonderful
I was impressed by Donnas reading, she provided me with clear information and answers which were incredibly appreciated. Donna was also quick with her response, and delivered a reading with compassion which I would like to thank her for.
With Neptune and the south node on her Ascendant, I could see that Donna's psychic gifts were very genuine. I've had 2 readings with her thus far, and both were very insightful and helpful. She is very direct and practical in her advice, which I appreciated. She doesn't sugar coat the truth or tell you what you want to hear, but is kind in her delivery. She told me things I needed to hear to move forward in my life. Would definitely recommend her services and would definitely use her again.
Wonderful as always--on the nose in terms of energy reading, gives practical and empowering advice, and has a calming lovely voice to boot. The lady has GOT IT :) Thanks for everything!
Delivers details and confirmations, no guess work. Predictions have come to pass. Truly gifted, the real McCoy!!! Her way of expressing her readings through audio, brings a bold perspective and human touch as well....Recommend to friends and family and those who seek answers.
Caring understanding compassionate empathetic knowledgable help full , could not recommend Donna enough! The best! Told me everything I needed to hear at the right time in life 100 percent accurate wow wow wow!!! The best! Xx much love and blessing nat � Take note all I am a psychic medium also and I rate 5 out of 5 terrific xx
I can't express this enough - just book a reading. I had 3 readings from Donna and all 3 were 100% accurate, delivered with compassion and even had some added wisdom thrown in. Donna said things there was no way she could have known unless she truely was gifted, and every single thing she said was 100% on the money and came true.
I have just had a reading from Donna Marie. Her manner was warm and positive. And her readings are great value for money. Her feedback is also very quick. A lot of what she said rang true for me. It confirmed what my gut was telling me, at a time when I was not trusting its wisdom. Her positive predictions also seemed very certain and detailed, so I I look forward to confirming the outcomes! Thanks for the raw honesty and making me feel so much lighter Donna Marie :).
My reading was approximately 1 month ago. i am very happy about my reading with Donna. She has real ability. When you listen her words you can feel it. She said something will happen about one of my daughter and after that she described her words. i know if it's happen she will use same words. Thank you so much for the reading.
Donna is truly amazing. Despite what felt like a million and 1 obstacles what she said would happen has. I am so grateful for the reading that gave me hope and the outcome that allowed me to believe that such a truly gifted person exists. Cant recommend highly enough.
Donna Marie is very sweet. I greatly trust and appreciate her advice. I truly enjoy that she takes time to send audio through email. She explains everything and takes time to read everything that was sent to her as well. I will be recommending her to my friends!
One of the most amazing readings I have ever received. I am truly grateful for coming across her at this point in my life because she really gave me exactly what I needed. I recommend her to anyone and everyone and I promise you will not be disappointed. I was amazed at how well she could read my energy and was nothing, but honest! Thank you so much Donna!
She was very informative and so detailed. I completely loved my reading and she explained everything so well that I was not confused in any of it. I am definitely coming back for another reading. She read your energy and others well and gives a lot for just one question which is awesome!
She's very honest and straight forward. doesn't sugar coat. Her answers to my questions help me decide on what to do and expect in my life. the last part of the reading surprised me. she read my mind. thank you for the advice, I enjoyed the reading. looking forward to finally meet that person :)
I am very happy with Donnas reading she helped clarify a few things for me and was very detailed. I will update in 6/8 months time to see if all comes to fruition. Will definately get another reading by Donna xx
Donna Marie is amazing! She was very accurate in explaining how I feel at the moment and also provided detailed explanations of what she can see for my future. Very helpful and I am so excited for my future! Highly recommend Donna Marie :)
On point. She was on target. Thats why I touch with her. I thank you for everything you have done for me. 22
Had a lovely 1 question reading from Donna, and gave me a lot of information about my question, just waiting for it to happen in the time frame that was said. I wouldn't hesitate to get another reading from Donna, thankyou so much
Absolutely amazing - i loved listening to every minute of it - even the bits that were about things i knew i shouldn't have done (haha). Loved the little joke with spirit -- was laughing out loud when she talked about that! Donna Marie is very real and genuine, you can just tell she tells it how it is. Thanks so much :) xx
Always a pleasure receiving a reading from Donna, she's spot on and very insightful, i highly recommend a reading from her thanks for all of your help Donna :)
Wonderful reading. I feel calm energy when she gives me her insights. Very detailed and helpful. I will go back to her for more readings. She is the best i have come across.
Donna Marie was absolutely fabulous. She responded quickly and was so lovely to deal with. She was very intuitive and was spot on with a lot of things. The thing that really stood out for me was her genuine compassion in the situation. She provided some invaluable insights. Thank you Donna! X
I received an excellent reading from Donna. It was extremely accurate to what is happening in my life right now. Her prices were fair with many options and she was very quick to respond. She has a very soothing energy and I would highly recommend her.
Amazing readings gets it right always,sometimes 12 months down the track something happens and i go wow Donna said that would happen. Her healings are even more mind blowing. I was once in a dark depressed place over a breakup and had been in that sad place for way too long i have never looked back since that healing 5 years ago. I bring family and friends to her for readings and healings get amazing feed back off them. She picks up on my health issues as well . Very gifted lady..
Just had a reading from Donna about a difficult situation. She provided clarity and understanding about the situation that would be very hard to find anywhere else. Very satisfied with the reading.


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