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Tiffany Powers

Tiffany Powers
Nearest City: 
Newport Beach
Scheduled Reading Fee: 
$180 per hour
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I love healing work and readings and I think they are amazing! I have had various health issues and watched them literally heal right before my eyes. I am a very analytical person, but I have always been able to move through skepticism and just allow things to happen. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was in so much pain that I couldn't work at my hospital job or even get myself dressed. I was in pain daily and my medical doctor told me that I may be on pain medication for the rest of my life. I felt very discouraged and sad. Also at the time I was doing some intuitive readings and I felt like the pain medication was making my gifts cloudy. I suffered for quite awhile and although I had quit my job at the hospital I took on an online job working as a contractor for an Australian company doing readings and healing work for people. It seemed when I was doing the work I felt okay and my pain was less especially when doing readings and Reiki treatments. The only problem was that after I was done working the pain and fatigue would set in. I looked for many answers and I felt stumped or like there was no end to the pain. Early in 2012 I discovered Thetahealing® and in my first class my fibromyalgia healed within 5 minutes. I never had it again and I was able to move without pain. I was shocked and amazed...! In the second class I took I decided that I needed to heal other physical health issues that were causing me issues and they had to do with my female organs. In my advanced class those healed just by me being in the class and I am currently healthy in that area of my body! I was totally into this and I thought it was so amazing! I worked through so many things and my life started changing dramatically. As I took the classes and had others do sessions for me and worked around health issues, family issues, abundance...and wow huge changes happened. I was amazed and had to take a step back because my life was changing so quickly and in so many amazing ways. It continues to change for the better daily and the manifesting is incredible. I am a believer and I have seen amazing things happen with clients who do the sessions and also clients who take the classes. People are amazed and all I did was give myself permission to heal and to look at things in my life that weren't so pretty...once those energies were new life was able to begin! Now I am involved with teaching Thetahealing®, doing private sessions 6 days a week, I sell Crystal Healing Beds, and I am also a Rodan and Fields skin consultant. Life is good.

Readings are a 15 minute Minimum, 120 minute maximum. Healing Sessions are a 60 minute minimum, 90 minute maximum.

I do readings and healings and anything that you, your pet, or family may need. I can work with any issue you may have and on any topic you need help with.

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Testimonials updated 3/27/12

"I slept so well, just as you predicted.And yes indeed today I do feel 'differently.'I cannot really explain how I feel, except different.I cannot thank you enough!!!!You are so incredibly gifted!!!"-Leilani W., Michigan

"I do have a new sense of clarity of steps to take which is nice, ideas coming to me at least. What I do with them is up to me but nice to see it happening."-Sandra S., California

"It's amazing the change I experienced after our session."
-Amanda S., Arizona

"Tiffany IS integrity and has taught me so much about my journey. I recommend her to everyone."
-Kelli J., Florida

"Thankyou Tiffany for making me aware, of issues that I need to heal. It was amazing the things you knew and it confirmed what I already knew but didn't know how to go about doing! I will now take action steps towards these things and I will be doing more block removal with you in the future."(Melissa, Australia)

"Everything was great, love her. Thank you very much."(Gale, USA)

"Met with Tiffany for the first time yesterday. She is not only gifted but truly a gentle soul. Thank you Tiffany for helping me to see how I can accomplish what I want & need to do. Can't wait for lesson number two."(Geri, Michigan, USA)

"I had an hour long reading with Tiffany and I am here to tell you she is a ROCK STAR! She knew things from my life that I had not even told her. She gave me so much insight and also spiritual exercises to do, which I have done by the way--I feel like a load has been lifted! She gave me messages from my dad. She is amazing. I will be calling on her again and only wish that I lived closer to her so that I could participate in her spiritual group! It was a positive experience from start to finish and Miss Tiffany is the real deal!"(Rhonda, USA)

"Reverend Bil did a clearing for our non profit rescue. Following this clearing of evil some of the negative employees either left or were removed. The energy and positive ideas increased and the awareness of our mission significantly improved. About twice a year we have and will continue to have a clearing performed to simply maintain the positive forces and remove any negative impacts being brought on property by unsuspecting volunteers or visitors."(S., Ypsilanti, Michigan,USA)

"Tiffany Bil is amazing. She helped me with a business reading, as I was unsure if I was on the right path. Tiffany helped me to see that my business was not doing as well as I wanted because I had some feelings of unworthiness from a few different times in my life that were holding me back from receiving. Tiffany was amazing in what she saw and after the reading in that week my business picked up. I felt like I was able to give and receive and feel really happy. I am loving my new business I know that I am in the right place and Tiffany helped me to see that. Thanks Tiffany."(J., Australia)!

Listed since: Jan 10, 2012


I have had many readings/healings/teachings from Tiffany and have had the pleasure of spending some time with her on a personal level. She is a warm, wonderful and caring being with a great sense of humour. My first session with Tiffany changed me completely. I have recommended Tiffany to many people who have been equally happy with their sessions. I have even given readings as gifts to a few of the people in my life who needed guidance or reassurance. I can't say enough good.
I have been working with Tiffany for a couple of months now. She is very honest and sincere and allows me to work and heal at my pace. I have done different types of healings as well as readings & I was even able to communicate with my father who is not even american. As a psychotherapist myself it was really important for me to find someone I could trust for my personal and professional growth. I really appreciate her soft but powerful energy. I highly recommand Tiffany.:-)
Hi Tiffany, The reading I had with you recently was so accurate, it was simply incredible. You zeroed in on things that were of concern to me that you could not possibly have guessed. I have since received confirmation on some of the items. You are truly a Blessed and talented soul. Thank You and God Bless! Sheila, Ontario, Canada
What tremendous insight and clarity! The healing received by Tiffany went much deeper than I initially was aware... days later and I am still feeling the peace. Rev. Tiffany delivers her message with such love... I will definitely be calling her again!
I am very grateful to have met Reverend Tiffany Bill. I first learned about her on blog talk radio. I'm currently in counseling and it does help to have her for spiritual guidance and support. I am working on the things that I am responsible for in my own healing. Thank you.
I have had several readings with Tiffany for quite some time. I find her insight to be uplifting and spot on. I definitely recommend her to those who desire clear and consistent advice from the Angelic Realm. Love & Light - Mysha
This woman is absolutely AMAZING!! Sincerely. I highly recommend her. She has changed my life in ways I never dreamed. Tiffany is such a sweetheart and gives clarity without judgment. She is proof that the divine walk among us. I absolutely cherish the time I get to spend with her! Even a few minutes with her makes the world look brighter. Her free 10 minute reading was more than enough to convince me she was someone I definitely wanted to work with and I am sooo happy I took that leap!

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