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Heather M. Hunter

Heather M. Hunter
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60 minute readings: $150.00 90 minutes $200.00
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Email or call (602)390-0295

Heather M. Hunter, MA, RM

I am an evidential medium, which means that all of my mediumship readings contain irrefutable evidence that I am truly connected to your loved one. I won't leave you wondering! I found myself resisting this "ability" until I knew without a doubt that I could give high quality readings to my clients consistently. That is what I do--and as of Nov 2014, mediumship readings are ALL that I do! I am grateful to have quickly gained credibility and a growing clientele for the compassion and integrity demonstrated in my readings. I uphold very high standards for the quality of my readings. I will work hard for you to ensure your reading contains evidential messages demonstrating that your departed loved ones remain aware of the everyday happenings and special moments of our lives. Additionally I focus on extracting the specific messages from spirit that are most instrumental for your healing and ability to move forward. Currently I am still offering my highly requested 90 minute readings! It's wonderful and it becomes like a family reunion for you right over the phone or in your living room or office! We will cover some big things and get to some healing messages, but also there will be all kinds of feelings, memories, laughter, silly moments, just never know what Spirit will throw out there for us, whether for 60 minutes or 90! Animals have also come through quite regularly. If the specific person you are seeking is not there in the beginning, I can call him or her in with a name and again, I will give you the details and personality to let you KNOW it is indeed your desired loved one!

I am like a phone line to your loved one in spirit! You can ask questions and I bring through their responses just the way you know they'd say them--with mannerisms, inflections, humor, and so forth.

I love to support local and national charities by offering benefit group readings events. I also work on occasion with a reputable paranormal team here in Colorado. It would be an honor and a delight to connect you with your loved ones in spirit!

I offer readings for small or large private groups, and public gallery readings.

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Associations and memberships include:The American Holistic Medical Association, Cambridge's Who's Who of Women Entrepreneurs.

Listed since: Nov 3, 2012

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