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"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson

Akashic Records Readers

Laura Scott

TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON - Listed on Laura Scott is a psychic medium & channel who communicates with a group of ascended masters called The Committee. These spiritual masters can help you discover your life purpose, life themes and to know your spirit guides. If you're seeking a greater depth of spiritual enlightenment, Laura offers readings by telephone: 1-866-897-1504 (toll-free), La
(Reviews 29; Listed since: Mar 28, 2007) ::

Annie Radzus

Annie has had a life path devoted to personal growth and service to humanity. Her studies have led her to investigate the beauty of diverse paths to Spirit and to numerous highly esteemed spiritual teachers. She has had an amazing journey, filled with miracles and Spirit phenomena. She has been assisting others to transform their lives, through her readings and emotional healing energy work since 2002. She is a sought-after speaker on the Akash
(Nearest City: Mesa ; Reviews 15; Listed since: Aug 26, 2007) :: READ MORE...

Nancy Smith

"Proving the continuity of life through mediumship, improving the continuity of life through love" For more than 14 years, Nancy has been offering mediumship readings, Spirit portraits and Akashic Soul life readings, development classes, and healing sessions. Call Nancy today at (978) 835-0005 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Nancy’s goal is to help people and show them the things that often go unseen. Through Nancy’s
(Nearest City: North Andover; Reviews 1; Listed since: Apr 9, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Robin Gamache

Robin Gamache Essential Soul Healing is a resource for those seeking connection with Spirit and the Multidimensional aspects of themselves. Robin Gamache Essential Soul Healing provides psychic and mediumship consulting sessions as well as energy healing techniques designed to heal and empower the individual on the physical, emotional, mental, material and spiritual levels. The whole person is cared for in a uniquely personal and individual sessi
(Nearest City: Scottsdale; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 19, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Lori Lipten

Lori Lipten M.A. is a globally revered, heart-centered, shamanic medium who serves clients on all inhabited continents of the world. As a clinical psychologist turned shamanic healer and medium, this best-selling author, retreat leader, teacher and intuitive guide leads sold out events to bring uplifting, accurate and compassionately healing messages from Spirit to those in her audiences. Lori is known for capturing the essence of loved one's
(Nearest City: Bloomfield Hills; Reviews 26; Listed since: Sep 3, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Dyan Garris

I am a voice recognition, trance channel psychic medium, and a psychic. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I read directly from your Akashic Record. This means that I am not merely "intuitive." I am a real psychic. That means I make predictions. I am not a coach. I am NOT a Tarot reader. I am not an "Intuitive." In a reading, I am psychically tuning in on you, your situation, your people, and your areas of concern. I will bring
(Nearest City: Tucson; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jun 2, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Stacie Bannon

I'm a nationally recognized Psychic Medium with a passion for helping people. You receive highly accurate guidance and answers to all of your questions in a psychic reading. Connecting directly with your departed loved ones during a mediumship reading is an incredibly positive experience for my clients, bringing so much healing and peace. I have the honor of being a featured psychic in the book, "Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the US - 2016 Edit
(Nearest City: Omaha; Reviews 1; Listed since: Sep 1, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Nenari Anne Diamond

Rev. Dr. Nenari "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD, is a universally celebrated author, speaker, and spiritual mentor within the resonance of Spiritual Oneness.
(Nearest City: Sedona; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 7, 2008) :: READ MORE...

Kristin Marie Rodriguez

Kristin Marie Rodriguez is Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic-Medium. She is also the Founder of the Certified Intuitive Counselor Course. She has been teaching her internationally renowned course to students throughout U.S., Canada, U.K. Ireland, Australia, Europe, etc. She has been featured in DailyOm, OmTimes, and Wild Sister Magazine. She helps her clients and students to connect to their own intuition. She teaches her
(Nearest City: Valdosta; Reviews 1; Listed since: Nov 13, 2010) :: READ MORE...

Alicia Isaacs Howes

Everyone has a Soul Story. Are you ready to read yours? It can answer your big life questions such as why are you here, what's your purpose and how can you live your life aligned to it with passion, fulfillment and happiness. And who doesn't want that? Your Soul Story is the Book of You, also known as the Akashic Records. It's a multi-dimensional spiritual biography that holds your entire history of experience (thoughts, words, emotion
(Nearest City: Chicago; Reviews 21; Listed since: Apr 11, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Noelani Rodriguez

Noelani Rodriguez has been featured on Luscious Life Radio, Women's Radio, and global favorite Para-X radio. Here's what people are saying about Noelani's readings: "I’ve never had a psychic reading before and you are right on. Amazing!" -S. L. “I’d say this is spot on.” -F. V. "What a wonderful reading.. how you flowed with everything you picked up.. Thank you so much.. I am speechless. I really am.. you ROCKED!!!!!" -C. B. Th
(Nearest City: Portland; Reviews 2; Listed since: Jul 23, 2011) :: READ MORE...

Chris Lynn

Hello Spiritually-Minded Person! You're on a spiritual path and you KNOW this. You're a spiritually-minded human being, living in a very normal world, and sometimes you just don't seem to...FIT. The thing is, you are also a brilliant facet of Divine Source called a SOUL, with a unique blueprint all your own for creating and living. There is only one glorious YOU, moving through time and space. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly who you are
(Nearest City: Portland; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 23, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Maggie Chula

Greetings! My name is Maggie Chula. I am happy you are here looking for guidance and clarity. I have many skills that can help you as you move along your path of ascension to become a fully embodied spirit living a physical existence. I am a natural channel of light and wisdom for the many beings I call the Master Teachers of the Akasha. These beings include Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and the Source of all there is, God. I w
(Nearest City: St Paul, MN ; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 15, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Ashley Oppon

Tarot cards, Oracle Cards and SRT Clearnings (Soul Clearings) My name is Ashley and I am the intuitive counselor at Dreadlock Tarot. I have been clairvoyant and clairaudient since I can remember. Once I was introduced to the tarot, I found it enhanced my abilities and made it easier for me to use my gifts to help others. I am an intuitive tarot card reader, meaning I read tarot using my abilities to interpret messages from Spirit. I feel t
(Nearest City: Trenton; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 29, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Anjali Arnold

I am a born Akashic intuitive, a gifted psychic & spiritual teacher who has spent my life immersed in both hard science and metaphysics, the arts and music and providing guidance to people from all walks of life.I have honed my mind-body healing modality Soul Tree having learned from and studied with the world’s best in the field over the last decade and a half and have been providing guidance, creative development and intuitive counseling serv
(Nearest City: Arvada; Reviews 0; Listed since: May 11, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Andy Grant

Andy Grant is a best selling author, speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, and Akashic Records Reader. He is a certified practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process to access the Akashic Records, and has taken multiple advanced classes with author, speaker and Pathway Prayer Process creator, Linda Howe. An Akashic Records Reading gives you the opportunity to gain insight, guidance and healing from your spiritual support team; your Guides, Tea
(Nearest City: Littleton; Reviews 5; Listed since: May 30, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Deb Sheppard

Deb Sheppard, internationally recognized medium, psychic, author and speaker, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side. Deb has been tested and recommended by James Van Praagh and also has been told that her incredible
(Nearest City: Denver; Reviews 1; Listed since: Jun 29, 2016) :: READ MORE...